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Here are a few Hill-Side items we have in the shop that have yet to be launched on the site: Striped Selvage Chambray Bandana (available in the 13 x 13 pocket square as well) Waxed Canvas Tie
B.Son Spring Summer 09 Collection now available Ribbed Mock Pullover Hoodie Wide Mock Pullover Navy Wide Mock Pullover Black Zip Mock Hoody Navy
Quote: Originally Posted by ken What size is that? What size are you? Thats me in the photo. I'm 5'09'' and a bit heavier than Fok speculated (I'm 165lbs). When the full size run arrives, I'll try to shoot each size on a proper model for a proper representation of the fit (some sizes will be sold out and thus I will not waste time trying to shoot them-- sorry). It is cold and snowing hard in Madison, WI these days so mine has become a...
Sorry for the delay in posting. Here are the two Context B.Son exclusives: Context French Terry Button Hoody: Context Hooded Zip-Up Jacket They are selling quite fast. No surprise for exclusive Context B.Son pieces.
Quote: Originally Posted by junebugmm Looks good, but pricey. Congrats to everyone who worked on this piece. Thanks for all the kind words. For all those who know Fok, it comes as no surprise that every detail in this piece was carefully considered. The end product is a wonderfully edited piece focused on fit, fabric, and quality production. And yes, lots of overnight shipping for approval from everyone involved. I think the price...
Quote: Originally Posted by SecretService Amazing Piece. Saw it before it left and have been waiting to order one up. I knew the price when I saw it in person and think it is WELL worth the price of admission. Cheers to Ryan, Sam, Fok and Raan. This thing is rad. Thanks for the kind words Chad. Let me know if you need any artisanal Wisconsin cheese for the holidays.
Quote: Originally Posted by SAM113 Imperial Dukes at 15 months - first wash before: And after: Sam, I'm so happy you washed them. You were really starting to stink up the shop. You should post pics of your daughter Isla's Samurai. Those are the real deal.
A pair of Crate Jacksons at 7 months. These belong to a friend of CONTEXT.
sjmin209, thanks for posting this. people are always using our web images on ebay and its hard to keep track of.
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya Don't get me wrong, these are beautiful jeans, but this auction listing is quite funny. Yeah, we decided to keep the price within reach, despite the exclusivity factor. hilarious.
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