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I regret saying "I want another update" considering the fact that the last update was pretty much completely false
Shit, that DIY looks great. You now have a pretty nice custom SLP side zip boot.
Another update would be nice
You caught me! Just because I asked a question that he might have the answer to completely makes everything else I said disingenuous!
I feel like I speak for almost everyone when I say Charly is the only thing holding this sinking ship up. It means even more when you have no compensation for your helpfulness. I can't say if this is your choice personally to not get paid, or Drews, but it means a lot to most of us. In other news, it's basically the end of the month and there were maybe around 10 jackets that went out in the past 3 weeks? Charly, do you know anything regarding more orders going out from...
I mean, sort of
There is a difference of "hey guys, production pace is getting back on track" and telling his customers "majority of orders will be done"when in reality it's nowhere close
1000 hours in paint
So innocent...hopefully you should get it soon
Definitely. I feel hopeful regarding the next month or two
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