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Preordered them on 12/29 and still nothing. Pretty annoyed since the website said "Guaranteed before 1/31" smh
Preorders are said to ship before the 31st and still no notification...
Am I crazy to think the Feb show will go on just as a fuck you to the Parisian/Euro fashion community and nothing else will come from it? Makes no sense for Hedi to leave... Either way I'm open to new Dior leathers from Hedi
Anyone know when the SS16 preorders from the YSL website will start to ship? I got suede chelseas & it says "ships before 1/31" but I'm curious if they'll be shipped before that date
So hype for line 4....I need to see a tobacco suede 40mm chelsea
If you don't like the stacks, get them hemmed. Everything else looks fine.
Looking for any brown suede boots in size 11/44/-12/45. PM me if interested in selling
those ripped shirts/plaid are killer, prob my fav pieces besides the sneakers from ss16. really excited to see the boots as well
It doesn't
Yeah apparently my DR was supposed to be finished last week and now its Tuesday so hopefully an update soon
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