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Collection looks fine. I'm excited to see all the individual pieces shown.
Anyone get tracking or a jacket this week?
Good to see Willy doing what he does best; searching the tread for other peoples questions
Basically Sat in SK. Weren't BCDR and DR's going out this week?
Trust him.
This is making me question that my Dec 2013 rider order might be done in the next two weeks? One can hope
Because I believe that most people in this thread want the item they paid for more than just their money back. I thought that was obvious since almost all of us in this situation are past the year mark.
Was joking. A TOJ shearling would be fire though
I want that damn shearling that was teased edit: I also hope my DR is in the batch for this week.
I just want an update from Drew. Next week is the last week of the month and I don't think he is even close to getting most of the orders produced and shipped.
New Posts  All Forums: