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SLP is nowhere near the price range of TOJ. Stop.
Dec 13 order here, the way things have been going I really doubt we are getting ANYTHING before May-June. I hope Drew proves me wrong.
Another update from Drew, even short, would be nice.
Sigh. Why does it still feel like there's still a ton of jackets just sitting around?
Getting close to the one year mark. Getting pretty anxious wondering when production will get to my order.
Exactly. Some specific looks people go for require longer length DR's. I personally ordered a 2013DR because of how similar it is to SLP bikers. I matched my measurements to fit how they do, which is very cropped, hitting just above/next to the belt.
Literally the best thing you can do. Good to hear.
Can you give us a rough estimate of how many jackets will be shipped out?
Honestly I'm just exhausted with this whole situation. I just want clarity and insight regarding when my jacket will be here.
Yeah, that's technically valid, but it is so ridiculous that this is just a speculation as to why refunds are taking so long, and it would make Drew's life a lot easier to just explain why things are in the current state they are in rather than say nothing and freak everyone out resulting in tons of refunds. This whole scenario makes zero sense
New Posts  All Forums: