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Its kind of weak that the backpacks/wallets were specifically mentioned to be separate from the jackets and are still a month late
Looks baller dude. Who cares about nitpicking.
Interested in buying a TOJ Zip Wallet. If someone has an order placed and changed their mind, PM me. Or if someone wants to sell it once they receive it, thats fine too.
WTB Small Zip Wallet
Sort of a little weird, but if anyone placed an order for a small zip wallet and changed their mind, PM me.
I ordered mine in December and expecting mine around October hopefully. Sure, it would be nice to have it earlier but I'm not worried since I couldn't wear the jacket until October anyways
Honestly I'm not in the 40+ week crowd (im around 20) but I think it would just be pretty easy to post "The batch including orders from X-through-X days will be shipped on X date"
Nice to see some 2013DR pics come in. So excited to get mine hopefully around Sept-Oct
RE: JFetter, I think black suede CDB's would look good and are relatively cheap.
A week late and I now have enough for a wallet. Sigh. Also ordered my 2013 DR around Christmas. I'm guessing Sept for me.
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