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I just really wish the update actually gave a shed of insight to where the queue is currently at.
Well, that's kind of the point. When I ordered I watched this thread and saw that many other people ordering in Dec were quoted for around 5-6mo.
Kind of worried that I'm only on month 9 (Dec order) and its reasonable to expect a 15-18 mo wait.
Coming to terms that my Dec order probably wont be here until next summer. I feel empty inside
Guys, I'm 99% sure that the "Nov-December" sentence means that some jacket types have been completed up to Nov/December dates thanks to grouping them together, and that some other jacket types have hit a rut. Thats all.
[ ] Excuse where X person had to take 2 weeks off for some reason
Lol "beast mode". So beast that people are passing year marks for original quotes of maybe 8mo. So beast the people who were promised short wait times personally by Drew for wallets and daypacks are still waiting 2x longer than expected. Damage is done bruh.
I know Drew has mentioned it before for it being "difficult to find" people who make jackets the way he wants them, but at this point, wouldn't it make some sort of sense to hire more people to help finish? Sally quit, Drew is personally going to the post office himself at this point. If we were on the November 2013 orders it would be one thing but we are still on June/July.
I just think its really weak to go "oh, its a separate entity from the jackets so they will be on a shortened production length" and then be delayed with zero explanation
Are we through with June/Early July orders? It feels like we've been on June/July orders this whole year.
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