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Good to see things are moving along.
There's roughly six weeks until the end of next month. If the "50 jackets a week" quote is true, they should have 300 orders done by Feb.
Welp, looks like the huge batch of orders will only get us to August/Sept. So much for my Dec order coming in these batches. At least its moving along. Will the pace stay like this?
FYI I've checked the instagram tag for #toj and it looks like people have recieved jackets in the past week. Full leathers too. One said they were around the 64 week mark iirc.
Look, we asked for an update, and Drew updated with saying most orders would be shipped out by next month. If that doesn't happen, then we know that things are truly shit
I'm going to be pretty upset if the quote of orders being done by next month is a lie
Remember when the biggest problem people faced in this thread was customs? Good times
Even with everyone making fun of the trousers, I'm glad to see trousers are shipping out
Find the original email of when you placed your order through Charly, and reply to that string of emails with the information Drew requested.
lets hope this is true
New Posts  All Forums: