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Drew just posted a picture on his instagram that shows tons of EMS slips. Should see another batch out soon hopefully.
All I want is an accurate timeframe given to me regarding when my jacket will be done.
Asked drew on his instagram for an update a couple days ago. No response. Kind of frustrating when his last post wasand that was 3.5 weeks ago.
It's posts like that that worry me. 15+ months is ridiculous and I still feel like TOJ isn't really making a dent in the order queue. On top of that, refunds are still taking 2+ months and TOJ isn't letting people move up on the queue if others sell their spots. I have the feeling any order past November 2013 won't be finished until mid to late 2015. That is a ridiculous wait time when we were estimated 6 months at order.
SLP is nowhere near the price range of TOJ. Stop.
Dec 13 order here, the way things have been going I really doubt we are getting ANYTHING before May-June. I hope Drew proves me wrong.
Another update from Drew, even short, would be nice.
Sigh. Why does it still feel like there's still a ton of jackets just sitting around?
Getting close to the one year mark. Getting pretty anxious wondering when production will get to my order.
New Posts  All Forums: