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A lot can happen in a year
He might be back at the post office shipping more boxes out and getting caught up before updating. Straight from his instagram when he posted those boxes, he also commented "This batch of shipping wasnt leathers, was Toj0's and stuff, btw. couldnt do everything in one day."
How is "oh, well the jackets are done, theyre just waiting to be shipped!" a solid excuse? Why would he wait this long with jackets just sitting around? Makes zero sense.
take a lap
Then he shouldn't have opened the stupid restaurant until his first longstanding financial venture was completed
Every time we get a new lead time whether it's "15 months" or "about a month or two out " and it passes by is like a kick in the groin
All of this can be avoided if they would take 5 minutes to post here in this thread. This is not difficult.
Maybe I'm crazy, and I'm not saying this is true, but is it realistic to think after the cutoff/Wallets & Daypacks (drew specifically said this was to kick-start his restaurant) they used most of the funds to open Libertine, and wait for the restaurant to create revenue to start production of the jackets?
The point I'm trying to make is the huge discrepancy between June/July production time orders. There is a huge gap.
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