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Drew re-disappears in 3...2...1...
Hit the 70 week mark. Crazy.
I get that it's a lot of work, I guess I meant that I feel that the right thing to do was to dedicate days off to getting those jackets out to their owners.
Drew needs to dedicate a full day to sort out the grey items and shipping them out, then telling us what's going on production-wise. We deserve that much
I really hope youre kidding.Anyways, I'm interested to see the rest of what is in the storage
Anyone else a little weirded out that 1)All of those jackets were just sitting there, 2)Those jackets could have been there for an indefinite amount of time if we didn't demand attention 3)Never was it mentioned 4)Why aren't we the priority in just getting this whole situation overwith while we were the ones before any of this restaurant nonsense?
Even though I'm a Dec order I sent the email. Hopeful.
I ordered in Dec 13 and got around a 30 week quote if it's anything
Taking another look at the spreadsheet makes me very skeptical of the 85% figure
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