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Closest thing is a Blackmeans DR I guess
I think it's pretty crazy that the current wyatt heels are already too much for some people, and the FW15 heels are literally heels
Really hoping to see a black leather version of this for SS15
Haha, thats actually sort of accurate. Not as extreme as the dentist office vests, but it is pretty close. I used to have a lamb A-2 and this thing feels closer to a real "motorcycle" jacket. It's still super luxe and feels pretty similar to the SLP calf they use.
Came back to just post this: Picked it up off grailed. Black calf. Feels pretty indestructible. Good stuff.
Alright, cool. I'm out. I just think it says a lot that Charly (who I still have mad respect for) is not getting paid and not answering why. Probably strengthens the argument that Drew probably did invest all of the money into Libertine and is waiting for the restaurants profit turnaround to fund the production cost of the jackets. Looks like I lived long enough in this thread to see myself turn into the villain
edit im an idiot and missed information ily charly
Well hey at least they're not pretending to care anymore
I regret saying "I want another update" considering the fact that the last update was pretty much completely false
Shit, that DIY looks great. You now have a pretty nice custom SLP side zip boot.
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