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RE: JFetter, I think black suede CDB's would look good and are relatively cheap.
A week late and I now have enough for a wallet. Sigh. Also ordered my 2013 DR around Christmas. I'm guessing Sept for me.
Ran into a dude at a coffee shop in SF last summer wearing a DR, it was pretty cool
Wanting a Sandro Drums Varsity in size M, very serious buyer
Kind of a weird request for this thread but if anyone can get their hands on that sandro varsity in a M PM me
God, I love that sandro jacket. I can't find it anywhere online though.
I wish the baseball came in black at one point, would kill for one
Drew if it's one thing you should take out of this thread from the past week, it's that the capsule collections need a fishtail, chesterfield and oxfords
A standard size fishtail or chesterfield would kill
Tried on these today: http://www.ysl.com/us/shop-product/men/ready-to-wear-denim-pants-original-low-waisted-skinny-jean-in-black-stretch-denim_cod36515899me.html I'm a 31 usually, and the waist had a little bit of give, but the legs were really slim. Should I stay at that size or size down to a 30?
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