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So what? It means jackets are moving along in the DR queue and it just means its getting closer to my order.
Yay! 2013DR orders are shipping!!!
I don't think it's a coincidence that Drew posted the "dead mail" photo of all the boxes that got sent back to the PO and then sent multiple people address confirmation emails. Those were probably their jackets.
Very relieving to see them at least make an effort to ship them out by having address confirmation emails. Hopefully tracking emails will be very soon.
this is horrifying
These are the last two major postings for production/delivery from Drew's side of things. Both are months ago.
Don't get me wrong I do believe they will deliver. I already have owned a TOJ. I just think that their priorities have gone in the wrong direction. Ever since Drew started working at his restaurant and opened it, (right exactly when the daypacks and wallets were open to order), they have stopped making TOJ the priority, and I think that is the absolute wrong thing to do. We are preexisting customers,and have already been waiting for orders since the design and creation of...
Sorry to drag this boring topic out, but at this point I'm convinced that manufacture has completely stopped for at least two months now. The daypacks and wallets do nothing but prove this point.
I have a 2013DR in the loop and have 22.8 front lengths and I'm 6'1-6'2. I think the cropped look/hitting right at my waistline is the best look.
So its now 6am on Saturday in SK. Did he ever go to the post office?
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