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I have a 2013DR in the loop and have 22.8 front lengths and I'm 6'1-6'2. I think the cropped look/hitting right at my waistline is the best look.
So its now 6am on Saturday in SK. Did he ever go to the post office?
I feel like saying "people who are making accusations will feel 'real dumb soon'" is kind of ridiculous considering that the business told them X wait time and it's been substantially delayed to the point of worry for people who have bought a jacket/multiple jackets. Don't blame worried buyers. Especially after the vague updates.
Interested in buying a small zip wallet spot. PM me.
Man, I just don't understand how hard it is for Charly/Drew/Anybody on the TOJ to answer these extremely basic and simple questions: Regarding order queue, which orders are currently mostly in production? (Ex: June/July/or August) Is it true that jackets are sitting waiting to be included in batch shipments? You mentioned some jacket styles are already in Nov/Dec orders. Which styles are they? Since you mentioned the daypacks and wallets are batch production and will...
If I got my Dec order of my DR in Nov/December that would be incredible
I just really wish the update actually gave a shed of insight to where the queue is currently at.
Well, that's kind of the point. When I ordered I watched this thread and saw that many other people ordering in Dec were quoted for around 5-6mo.
Kind of worried that I'm only on month 9 (Dec order) and its reasonable to expect a 15-18 mo wait.
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