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Surprisingly work is making me happy right now
I just had my first cigar a couple days ago, La Gloria Cubana #4 I believe. Excellent stick very smooth. Any one have some recommendation's for something similar? Thanks Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk 2
They hold up real well, I got bushacres before original DBs and I really don't find the need to pick up a pair of DBs. Great year round shoe
Didn't shower, wore the same thing I wore yesterday and had my steak rare today. Come at me bro.
Lord of the flies, haven't read it in over 10 years.
the sun.
I caught it on hulu and i didn't like it at all
Patriots haven't been good at all. Good thing Sanchez isn't accurate, he's missed a couple open guys with big play potential
what OS do you use?
I think somewhere above $30? I'm not to sure, I cut my own hair lol. Maybe try supercuts? The only reason I said don't go with a barber because most of their cuts are traditional cuts, tapers, fades, etc. While a barber at a traditional barber shop could help you out, if you go with a stylist they'll give you better pointers for keeping your hair style looking good.
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