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^^^ I have to agree.
Inviscid I can't tell but I think you're wearing Capre Diems. Very different boots from Drizzt. What are your jeans? I like your look!
I know I missed an opportunity to meet some really cool people, and Footsie's sounds like a hoot! I knew that my schedule would not allow it to be possible. I would not pass on the next opportunity. Glad you guys and gal had fun. BrianSDI hope you have a safe journey and enjoy Korea!
^^^ If you look at old photos of Cowboys from 60 years ago, chances are they'll be wearing the Levi's 506XX. It's called the Rider's Jacket. Interesting because I've had that Jacket for at least 10 years and don't wear them often enough. The jacket is a "Classic" and how you wear it defines your style. On WAYWT last week ( same photo ) I wore it with a pair of Miu Miu brown suede pants and a regular t-shirt and leather boots. Sometimes, I wear it with trainer pants...
Who,SuperBoo and Drizzt the blues and browns working well together. Drizzt your look today is fresh and I like the Belstaff, the sleeves look a llittle short from the photograph. Eason nice denims and I agree, it's hard to take pictures in museums, my friend had to pretend he's using his iPhone to take a shot of me at LACMA the other day.
Morning cereals I usually have a bowl of Familia Swiss Muesli with milk and serve it with fresh fruits like strawberries, blackberries, etc. It what they usually serve in European Spas for breakfast.
I have the Levi's Vintage 506XX Limited Edition Denim Jacket . It was introduced as the "Rider's Jacket" and the first jacket Levi's produced in XX heavyweight, unshrunk denim. The denim is made from the same narrow loom red selvage fabric as Levi's hard - working jeans. It's also the first Levi jacket to feature the now famous red tag. A Back photo:
Quote: Originally Posted by braidkid I didn't go to work today.
I'lll have to learn how to play with my DSLR more.
^^^Hail Brutus, LOL! Nice Whodini:-) thought u are back in L.A?
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