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I bought a pair of Khaki EG last season from Co-Op and really like the design/quality. This season, I bought a 'binocular' flannel shirt and yes, the button came off, but took it to the cleaners and they sewed it back on for me. No biggie. Plus, it's made in U.S.A.
I think the first one matches your Bvlgari better. I've seen those cuff links at the Bvlgari Boutique and they're really quite nice.
Interesting thread. Being Asian American ( yes, I voted yesterday), it's hard for me to visualize in my mind who I would like nor inspire to look like. I"m physically at a disadvantage because I"m not built like my Occidental counterparts that I see in movies or magazines. I suppose I"ll just have to do with the clothes/designs that appeals to me and make it work with my physical limitations. My style is never compromised because I have enough self-awareness and...
A friend of mine sent me a book called: "The Little Prince", by Antoine de St. Exupery. I' just started.
+1 on the iPhone.
Andy Tauer's Lonestar Memories today.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brutus NPH, hadn't heard that before but I can see it now, thinking back to watching Harold and Kumar again just last week. I'll probably be doing these anyways so bring on the competition. Can you imagine having a split photo like this showing the evolution of some raw denim... Brutus good to see you again! Hey, I'm liking the fades in your backpockets:-) You are obviously not living in the cold/freezing...
Quote: Originally Posted by timpoblete Those Redwings don't look half bad Maharlika. Like the color of the pants too, although the stacking, not so much. Thanks! I haven't worn them in a while, I do need to have them hemmed. A friend of mine sent methe t-shirt from Montana and wanted to wear it so he can see the fit.
T-Shirt AA from Montana Corduroy Jacket- G-Star Belt- J. Lindeberg Carpenter's Pants-- Obey Aviators- Dior Homme Bracelet -- Ryan P from American Rag et Cie Shoes- J.Crew x Red Wing Collaboration Scent- Andy Tauer's Lonestar Memories
I love motorcycles and have a girl friend who rides every weekend. She rides with a group. If I $$ to blow, I"ll get a Ducati. What's holding me back is a childhood memory of a man crawling on his side to the side of the road, with one leg and motorcycle left behind.
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