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He's a movie star!
I attended an all boys private school from Kindergarden until High School. I know what it's like.
garofano by lorenzo villoresi. Smells like Spring!
^^^It's nothing like a jambalaya. Arroz a la Valenciana is Aroborio rice and the secret really is in the stock. I use real saffron threads and living in L.A., I don't have a shortage of good seafood. I use a well seasoned paella pan that I don't put in the dishwasher. Think cast iron, so all the flavors are sealed in the pan itself. I cook with passion and I think I get pleasure from seeing the joy from my guests from the food I serve them. Always with Sangria , of...
I show off my culinary skills when I invite friends over for dinner. I invite friends for dinner about once a month. The latest was a southern Spanish theme. I served Arroz a la Valenciana and ended it off with Flan de Leche. For those daring enough, I served Alamid coffee.
I live in L.A., I eat avocados everyday. As is, in sushi, guacamole, as a snack, etc.
Saint-Albray cheese even milder than camembert. My favorite snacking soft cheese.
Quote: Originally Posted by robbie I am beyond yelling. I am beyond cursing. I am not going to write in a journal. I shouldn't drive to clear my head. I can't go get drunk. I don't want to take drugs. I am super angry (at myself, at myself) and need to do something to channel the frustration, or atleast distract me from it. That means you have screws loose in your brain. Try yoga.
What products do you use? Have you tried Zaino?
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