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^^ That looks idyllic and a perfect place to rusticate. As far as islands go, my next trip would be the Andaman islands. I almost made it to the Maldives when I visited south India.
^^^ Capri is also very congested with tourists. As I recall. Anacapri isn't as bad. Villa San Michele is one of my favorite places in the island.
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman What caste did you travel in? I'm not a Hindu.
Today I'll be wearing pure Cambodian Oud given to me by a friend.
Reminds me of a song from Dimitri's CD Sacre-Coeur called: "How Do I Look"? and a guy replies, "You are a very stylish Girl". I think it's a take off from Holly Gollightly's character in Truman Capote's "Breakfast at Tiffany's."
Being on Cunard's QM2 for two weeks cruising the Mediterranean. The QM2 docked in southern France.
Yohji Yamamoto Rei Kawakubo Martin Margiela John Galliano Jean Paul Gaultier These designers come to mind for their creativity, craftsmanship and quality of design. I still have a wonderful black Yohji Yamamoto suit from 1991 that I can still wear today, no problem. Timeless.
They are absolutely worth it. Their silk screened printed scarves are works of art. I prefer the older prints but I still love them!
I like Borsalino hats for summer. I wear it with linen shirts or linen sports jackets.
^^ The times that there isn't a line is around 10:00 a.m. I mean who wants to eat hot dogs at that hour. It's amazing how people will fall in line for hours. Most of them are tourists though.
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