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metrostyle where are you going? Have you decided yet?
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Fuck thrift. - B zzzzzzz.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Eh, I don't buy this. If all you want is the most longevity for the dollar, you're better off with thirty Jos A. Bank suits than one fancy bespoke suit, and both will cost about the same (well, depending on what kind of sale JAB is having(. I appreciate the craftsmanship and labor done by skilled hands. I spent $$$ on an Italian mohair blend sports coat that is hand tailored and for me, it was worth every...
If the quality and classic style of a bespoke suit or pair of shoes will last you a lifetime, it's worth every penny of it.
I'm in shoe heaven. Don't need anymore. Wait... one more, Berluti?!! ....yes the Allesandro and I'll stop!
I can't quite identify the logo on the shirt. Lovely colors on him though.
Quote: Originally Posted by fredfred If you are a white American with European background, the answer is... Go to Brazil. In Brazil you are seen as Exotic. A guy with blue eyes is a major prize (it's even written about in some Brazilian "culture" books), and light or green eyes helps, too. They also have COMPLETELY different views on sex there than in the US. I worked in an office in Brazil and an extremely hot Brazilian girl who I liked came over...
A blonde girl named Lucy, who lives in Seattle, Washington U.S.A. She'll giggle and spread her legs for 'ya.
I went to Palm Springs, California last weekend and saw a Hummer. I have a friend who got rid of his Hummer because he was spending 110 USD every four days to have it filled up. Just does not make sense these days. Leave it Arnold.
I bought a pair of C & J "Coniston" from them before. No problem. I will buy again from them.
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