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Christian Dior's Eau Sauvage
Quote: Originally Posted by feynmix Try the Rava Masala dosa or the mysore masala dosa for variety. I love them both. There is a south Indian restaurant in Artesia. Next time I go there, I'll try the ones you've mentioned. I'm intrigued with the Mysore Masala Dosa.
adamha21-- is that in the Oregon coast?
I appreciate Indian food. I have it at least once a month. I like Masala Dosa with sambar and coconut chutney. I love Chettinad cuisine.
It's part of grooming, like brushing your teeth, shaving. I've been getting manicures and pedicures since I was five years old. She used to come to the house and gives us a 'family' special. I go to the Beauty Bar here in L.A. and have it done once every three weeks. They don't compare to the manicurists in southeast Asia. They are the best in the world.
Quote: Originally Posted by kit99bar fantastic. What brand/model are those shoes? Bettanin and Venturi.
My 5EPs are pretty dark.
With Jeans.
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles Indian mountains up north, then flying south (Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam). No set itinerary, I'll play it by ear. Might not get to all my stops. Nice! I've been to South India but not the north. A friend of mine went to Bhutan last year and he enjoyed it. Southeast Asia is great but you'd appreciate the culture more if you visit southern India and go to Mammalapuram...
Knize Ten is a a very dry/woody classic fragrance. One of my favorites and if you can find it, buy it!
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