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^^ Like I said, the higher the social ladder, the more 'expensive' the wedding. Think Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer. They don't talk about money, but it's an expression of their wealth. This is the same in India, South America and in Europe. I know here in U.S. it's usually the bride's family that pays the bill. In some cultures, it's the bridegroom's family that pays the bill, but then in the U.S. weddings are a joke. America has one of the highest divorce...
Wedding is a big event! It's the family's excuse to show off their wealth and social prestige. The higher the social ladder, the bigger and more expensive the event. Being worth it is entirely subjective. A family of means can easily spend 100,000 USD for the bride's wedding gown alone designed by a couturier and can invite as much as 2000 guests. The "Around the World" honeymoon of course, is a different expense.
I wear bow ties on formal events. It takes a couple of attempts to tie one properly, since I don't wear them all the time.
Zaino has some really great products, but you do have to spend the time. I need to wax my car for the summer months. Just wondered what else is out there that requires less time. Ha ha.
Cecilia Bartoli.
Good news and welcome! Now I don't have to fly to Honolulu.
Antaeus by Chanel!
Lapo-- the black sheep.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma I wouldn't call it mediocre but it might not be up to forumnite standards. The look is often Japanese goth or at least quite edgy. Just look for runway shows FW09 and SS09 and you'll see collection pictures. Thanks Fuuma. I'll check out the current collections. Back then, his clothes were actually made in Italy.
Black or purple pants will go with a yellow polo shirt.
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