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Vintage Jean Paul Gaultier Bomber Jacket Yohji Yamamoto Pants w/ suspenders Martin Margielas Army Boots Tuxedo: Brioni Tuxedo Shirt: Brioni Silk Tie: Brioni Patent Shoes: Dolce & Gabbanna
"Never too rich or too thin"... Wallis Warfield Simpson aka Duchess of Windsor.
I'm genuinely intrigued by it. It sounds almost medieval and ascetic. Such is the path to holiness.
Laura Biagotti's Roma!
A McQueen looks like he put on some weight. Brilliant collection--modern silhouette and amazing shoes!
More accessories!
Vetiver Extraordinaire!
Sauerkraut = disgusting.
musc ravageur Frederic Malle
Quote: Originally Posted by Pennglock Oh, I don't know. Maybe in some cultures. In America such excess is usually seen as a sign of insecurity and bad taste. I find that hard to understand in a capitalistic country. More on the subject of American class system and wedding.
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