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You are definitely Autumn, period.
It finally caught up on him. http://www.cnn.com/2009/CRIME/09/27/...ted/index.html
I have two Creeds that I own and both enjoy for different reasons. They are Bois du Portugal and Oliver Creed's Limited Edition Feuille Verte. Both of them have decent longevity on my skin and I've considered them both 'classics' IMO.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tck13 Ashtanga is my favorite. The founder recently passed away: Link The founder of Ashtanga or the Eight Limbs of Yoga an Indian Sage named Patanjali. He left the physical body a few thousand years ago. http://www.yogamovement.com/resources/patanjali.html I think you are referring to Patabijois from Mysore who founded his own discipline which is known as Mysore Yoga in the West.
I find that European men wear them more than the Americans. Period.
Soleil di Capri by Montale today.
Bikram Yoga is what works for me. Changed my body completely-- took me a week to get used to the heat but it's worth it!
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Please. Rosanne campaigned against Nancy Pelosi saying she was too conservative. Who gives a rat what that fat sack of shit says? Your choice of words.
I don't inhale the stuff.
Porto and Algaemarine.
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