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Sliced plantains dipped in brown sugar to caramelize, then serve with vanilla ice cream. Your guests will be impressed!
I'm currently in SE Asia so it's got to be Borneo 1865 by Serge Lutens.
Quote: Originally Posted by Baron I love that stuff. I need a full bottle now that I've used up my two sample sprayers. I also went through a bottle of the shower gel and that was some fantastic, pungent soap. The VE shower gel is quite good. Leaves a nice scent in the room:-) YSL's M7 also has a good shower gel, if you can still find it.
A chinese herb medicine called Yin Chiao always works for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by clarinetplayer GREEN WATER by Jacques Fath I really like the subtlety and composition of this fragrance. Unfortunately as with most citrus fragrances it doesn't last long on my skin.
Quote: Originally Posted by rach2jlc My favorite Vetiver! Of course, I'm not surprised to see you wearing it; we always end up liking the same stuff. I haven't felt well today, so it's one of the first days in years and years I've gone nearly a full day with no fragrance. Hope you feel better--- I'm on my last few sprays of this one I bought 3 years ago. Funny, of the 4 I bought that year, this is the first one to go. Today, I'm...
Bvlgari 48 Assioma Chrono.
Vetiver Extraordinaire by Frederic Malle!!
Five Guys at the airport in Washington D.C. The best burgers and fries!!
You are definitely Autumn, period.
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