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No one has suggested the obvious, which is to skip the pocket square altogether. This is what I always do with tweed jackets, and I find that it brings the extra benefit of allowing you to go all Hamish Bowles on the tie.
That's the spirit!
Looks like a carnivorous plant.
If it's mid gray or darker: no tie; if it's light gray: virtually any tie. I cannot really recommend you a specific tie since I don't know your complexion or hair color (or, indeed, if you have hair at all).
I suspect that your eyes, through the influence of an overpowering reference group, have been conditioned into abhoring that specific combination. It's perfectly human, and we're all more or less subjected to such phenomena. The challenge lies in trying to extricate your own, "real" taste from the taste implanted in you by the group, all the while keeping in mind that the group can sometimes be right and you "wrong" (in some loose sense -- we're obviously not talking in...
This has been a trend for a while now. But glad tidings, nonetheless.
A few real eyesores here, guys. But then, double-breasteds are a dog to get right. The only one to hit the ball out of the park was Holdfast, so my vote fell on him. Runners up were Tirailleur1 (great styling but was demoted for not providing a clear shot of the jacket) and SpooPoker (button stance was a hair too low).
It seems my last post didn't win everyone over, so here are a few more Photoshop jobs, this time using brown pants. I begun by skimming through Trini's "Best of ..." thread, and a theme quickly materialized: just as common wisdom holds, the prime candidates for brown pants (or, I suppose, pants in blue or navy) are sports coats in all shades of gray (another contentious issue -- let's not go there). I also found that some coats in light and mid shades of earth colors can...
Sounds a bit anal retentive, to be honest.
I've only seen them on old polyester jackets in thrift stores, which maybe sullies my impression of them, but I can't say I'm a fan.
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