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It's all good. I just found it curious that the German dictionary definition was that far removed from the one common in other Western languages.
I find that hard to believe. The Swedish definition -- more so than, for example, Merriam Webster's ("A man who gives exaggerated attention to personal appearance") -- still suggests that the dandy's focus on appearances might be about more than clothes:"A person who (to an exaggerated degree) aims at refinement and elegance in his appearance, particularly with regard to his dress: fop, snob, man of fashion, fashionmonger (see ELEGANT)."That said, just as in Germany, the...
OK, I see. Any pics of the 38S?
I wouldn't consider that 38S SuitSupply number even close to the mark (and I can't even imagine how bad the 36S must have looked -- the SA should be ashamed of himself). You don't mention which of their models this is, which would help considerably, but taking this model as the benchmark, we can at least conclude that your jacket needs some 2 inches extra length and that you need a much lower buttoning point. It's possible that the "regular" model (38R) would fix both...
Not so. It depends on what you mean by "OTR", but OTR suits altered by decent alterations tailors do fit most guys.
I find this hard to believe. What are your measurements?
I would put the likelihood of this jacket being fully canvassed at about zero.
I honestly wouldn't be very excited about the clothing possibilities that a lottery win would bring. The only thing I could never imagine commissioning without having money by the bucketload is to have some world-class mill make me my individual cloths. Like that story of the Japanese businessman who ordered some 70 meters of cloth just to have one suit made up, and then kept the rest for interior decoration.
If it were the other way around -- 35% polyester -- then maybe, but this sounds unpromising.
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