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Pretty sure he's referring to Prince Albert slippers. The Jolly Roger ones are offered by several makers. This pair is from a reputable one:
Terrible look. Avoid like the bubonic plague.
As note above, it's well to discriminate between velvet smoking jackets and velvet dinner jackets. The former has limited usability, whereas the latter, in my opinion, is a fine option in all contexts but ones that explicitly call for black-tie dress.
On the subject of Vox's article, I believe his overarching point is that garments and ensembles have residual cultural and aesthetic associations that one does well to keep in mind when working with them. This I fully subscribe to, even though some of his finer points are somewhat exaggerated or anglocentric. Brown suits and sports coats, for example, appear to have been city wear in 1950s Sweden. Here's a still from a 1957 movie: But then, we've always been a nation of...
It seems to be true of tweed at any rate. Here's an excellent article on the subject:
That's right. I'm just very particular about getting the right distance between the bottommost sleeve button and the sleeve end. The "right" distance to my eyes being 1.25" (measuring from the middle of the bottommost button to the sleeve end), which is supposedly also the Savile Row practice.
My point is that what does not match the criteria I outlined is never a good deal, no matter the asking price. But I naturally agree on your last point and would personally go for it without thinking twice. What you'll notice when you try on the Kiton coat is that the chest piece is shapely yet incredibly soft. This is possibly the feature of high-end coats that's hardest to convey over the internet, but it's very palpable the moment you put on the garment.A word of...
Stop being so obsessed by labels. If it looks good, fits, and passes the quality threshold -- buy it. If not -- don't.
I would start with these: Liberty (‎) Duchamp (‎) Richard James (‎) Ozwald Boateng (‎)
First of all, I'm not passing censure on a person: I'm criticizing a piece of inanimate cloth and the company who made a mess of it. Second, in suggesting that he opt for a remake, you're not taking into account the opportunity cost of his having to dedicate time and energy toward making that happen (and of his cussing and hair-tearing when -- can there be any doubt about this? -- takes delivery of yet another monstrosity of a suit). Third, since practically all OTR suits,...
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