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Indeed. Never understood the Herm├Ęs fanboys.
From the wrinkles below the crotch, I would guess poplin, or some other cotton weave.
Some real shirt pr0n here.
If you are indeed a long-time lurker, you should be aware by now that a coat that fits in the shoulders can easily have its body and sleeves trimmed to your preference by a competent tailor. Same thing with its length (although this will have to be done with some prudence since shortening the length can throw off the balance between the coat's constituent parts).
OK. Either way, it's too dark. (On my monitor, anyway.)
It appears I was too late to the party ...
I prefer my spots low in density, so I won't get behind the first tie. But the second is nice. The two first ensembles illustrate the perils of mating gray with gray: the first coat is too dark; the second is fine but, as a consequence, sits too close to the trousers in tone. Further observations: I think the second shirt collar works much better on you than the button-down (which seems to tower over your jacket collar by a good inch or two); the gorge on the first sports...
Yes, I wouldn't equate the two.
That's my take on the article, yes, and there are lots of articles on the internet (all pitifully referenced) that likewise suggest a non-aristocratic origin. Somewhat meatier suggestions to that effect are made in these old essays by Edward Harrison, who was at the time the manager of Johnstons of...
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