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Nicely done! Especially like the beautiful photographs.
Yesterday's news, perhaps, but still psyched.
She obviously has no taste in clothing. Every fashionista I know love it when men get tuxed up. I would save the wing collar for white tie, though.
+1 for the shoulder width looking fine.
Cool. Didn't know that.It's well known that Hergé was obsessed with getting all the minute details right when drawing things such as ocean liners and aeroplanes, and I think that extreme attention to detail is also very evident in his depiction of clothes.
Mad trolling.
Deserves yet another bump.
When deciding on the collar size, bear in mind that T.M. Lewin's collars shrink a lot.
Yeah, that's one for the history books.
PJ pants are usually made of thinner cloth than sweatpants = comfier.
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