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The gorge and the waist button are both too high for my taste, and I don't like the contracted button stance. Would also prefer the quarters slightly more open.
Is the suede supposed to look that yellowish? Looks like it's molded away in some wardrobe since the days of Truman.
Yeah, perhaps. The point is that buying sports coats off eBay generally won't leave you with the option of returning them if they're not to your taste. It also requires an intimate understanding of your measurements and how they relate to the garment in the pictures. Moreover, knowing what brands or models to look for isn't as helpful as one would perhaps imagine since most makers often modify the models from one season to the next. This is especially true with eBay coats...
You're too inexperienced to look for sports coats on eBay. For a similar cut, the forum standard answer SuitSupply should serve you well. They offer free shipping and free returns.
Maybe with a half-belt and action back.
Your doubt is well-founded. Try some other cuts, and stay away from earth colors if the coat is only for evening wear.
I don't have the book at hand, but I'm pretty sure Flusser's recommendation is to place it somewhat below the natural waist.(Not quoted from the book, but quoted from an AAC dude quoting the book. It reads as I remember it, though.)Personally, I like the waist button to sit on top of my belly button, but that's obviously specific to my anatomy and taste in cuts.
The only "color rule" I consider almost universal is that one should generally avoid colors that are too close to one's skin tone. So light-skinned Caucasians usually look terrible in certain shades of light beige, whereas black dudes usually look bad in certain shades of mid-to-dark brown. Regarding the LBD. I think black women look fine in that, but I can see why they would be made to wear other colors since a dark skin is the perfect foil to loud colors.
The second shirt is miles better. Look at the first and second picture back and forth and watch closely how each shirt color plays against your skin. I think you'll agree that the first one washes out your countenance whereas the other makes it come alive.
Everything's hunky-dory except the bow tie, which makes you look like a spelling bee contender. That sort of shawl-collar knit calls for a tee or tank top to downplay its dowdiness, in my opinion, or maybe a very casual open-necked shirt.Here's an illustration of what I mean:(Would look even better without the tee, but well, well ...)
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