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Any decent cobbler can raise the toe box quite easily. Very cheap too.
Just study the masters:
I normally go with peak, but in this case I would go with shawl, since it's sort of in keeping with the smoking jacket tradition. (I can't recall having ever seen a peaked lapel smoking jacket.)
I wouldn't dismiss the idea wholesale. Just don't use it with sports coats.
No, I'm with you. Either cheap or corporate or both. Although I make allowances for old-school regimental ties.
Silhouette looks pretty decent. It could be slimmer, especially at the sleeves, but pretty decent. Shortening the sleeves is a cakewalk and won't set you back my much. I say give it a try.
No shit. This seems like your one preoccupation.For gloves, I would look to this guide:
Thinking in terms of "outfits" is the exact wrong way to start. For versatility, I would suggest that you replace those three pieces with -- no surprises here! -- navy turtleneck, charcoal trousers and black oxfords.
Charles Laughton approves: (From "The Big Clock" -- superb movie!)
Yup, the first two go with almost anything. The third I wouldn't bother with at all.
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