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So you're balking at splashing out 200 dollars for them, yet you're contemplating going to Italy to have them made? Does not compute.
It looks OK, but if it pulls at the chest buttons, it's too tight. Simple as that.
The SA was talking rot. Solids are 100x more versatile than pinstripes as someone's first suit. So, number two all the way.
It means that no one has any opinions of his own except the freethinking poster who levels the charge.
Yes, definitely buy in person. I have the same shoe size as you, and I find that some makers make the toe box much longer than others, which makes my feet look comically long.
All three ties look naff, and the pinstripes on the suit are the exact wrong kinds of pinstripes. Nevertheless, I would keep the suit for now and focus on the rest of the outfit. If you're fond of the white-on-white look, I suggest you look into mid-gray ties, which look less goofy while still offering that soft contrast with the shirt. I would also strongly advise you to get your hands on a white linen or cotton pocket square. This kind of formal rig really calls for that.
Thanks for the detailed answer.
I had it done on my Meermins, which are Goodyear welted, and it doesn't show at all. But I imagine it might be a riskier operation on more fragile shoes.
Wrong sub-forum. Try here: http://www.styleforum.net/f/13/streetwear-and-denim
I'm glad to hear they've got that right.Best submission so far: Tirailleur1. He's always good, but this might well be the best outfit of his I've seen.
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