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You must have missed the Hitchens/Galloway kerfuffle back in 2005:
Good choice, and grats on the new shoes!
Looks fine.
No way to tell if it's too short without a full-body shot. But I'm already pretty sure I don't like the jacket.
Fugly. Just wear a normal down jacket.
With these kinds of hyped-up collaborations, it's important to cast a very critical eye on the garments and imagine how you'll think about them once their tinsel of freshness has worn off. For there's something oddly seducing about the spanking new, but it's a short-lived high, and suddenly you're the proud owner of a pair of studded leather pants that you wouldn't wear in a million years. I saw this play out after the Matthew Williamson collab. My local H&Ms were filled...
That's actually a great tie. But it's a level 9 on the difficulty scale, so it takes some finesse to get it right. I fancy it would look smashing with something like a brown corduroy coat (and a cool haircut).
Most discussions on here -- however contentious they may seem -- are about telling the good from the merely serviceable. There is actually a fairly broad consensus over what's irredeemably ugly, and I would hazard that this tie falls in that camp:Just stick to matte solids and you're relatively safe.
I was just taking the mickey.
Trimming those down should be child's play.
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