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There are two schools on this one. The first -- let's call it the Mafoofan school -- holds that a striking item should be balanced by other striking items to retain harmonial balance; the second holds that a striking item should be reined in by a somber surrounding. Personally, I let the item guide me: some items are good team players and some demand absolute supremacy.
I find them practical for when you want to show off your semi.
If true, this is by far the most interesting information in this thread. Call me moralistic, but I find the idea of asking poor Italian tailors for money to feature them on your blog the height of bad taste.
Any length from the knees to mid-calf is within the realm of the classic. Modern coats usually run considerably shorter, which is probably why you think it looks odd.
Yes, you did. I do wear tank tops under tweed jackets, and I do think it's fine to leave out the dress shirt in the ensemble you presented in your original post. Just don't mistake it for traditional menswear (and make sure your rib cage is landscaped).
Perfectly fine. I even wear my tweed jackets with tank tops.
Looks like a double-breasted Chesterfield in burgundy. Probably quite the challenge to find OTR.
That would be douchey night-time wear.
Brown or mid-gray. Also black and charcoal, if you switch the shoes to black.
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