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White square was the original choice, and a safe bet that I know will work. I'm going to see if I can find a vintage dot square today and give that a dance. It may work out but will probably be too much. We shall see... Thanks for the input.
Quote: Originally Posted by idfnl Ya, a plain shirt. White probably. Hard to match such a light suit with anything else. That's what I was thinking. Hard to go wrong with a proper white shirt. Just checking to see if there was some awesome idea that never occurred to me. Hmm, now for the pocket square... Vintage blue bandanna? Maybe red? Dots perhaps?
Was hoping to get some ideas on a shirt to wear with the suit and tie below. Going to an outdoor wedding this weekend. Grey/Blueish cotton suit with a faint stripe. Red white and blue tie. A nice white shirt will work for sure as well as a solid light blue shirt but I was hoping to get some creative ideas from you guys. Two concerns. The suit has a bit of a blue tone to it in certain lighting so I'm not sure if a blue shirt really is a good choice. Perhaps not...
Captiol Hill can be a good time as well. Had a couple good meals at Quinn's if you're into the gastropub thing. There's some cool bars up there. I would also recommend Delancy Pizza. There's usually a huge wait but I think it's worth it. Go there early and put your name in and head across the street to the dive bar and drink yourself up a good appetite. If you make it there get the Roasted Radicchio Salad, so good... If you end up at Pike Place Market check out Le...
Quote: Originally Posted by EricE. i havent received the watch, yet. but thats what the site says - 19mm. can you show some pictures?? Sure here it is. 22mm lugs w/ 22mm NATO. If it is 19mm I would go with the 18mm. I don't think .5mm on each side is really going to be that noticeable. I think it would work out better then trying to squeeze a larger strap in there.
Quote: Originally Posted by EricE. well actually that is my exact problem. one would be tight the other one loose. does anyone have pictures so i can compare them? Have you measured the lugs yourself? I'm sure they exist in 19mm but 18mm or 20mm seem to be the most common. Check Gnomon Watches. I picked up a 22mm strap for my Seiko 7002-7039 Diver from there and they had a ton of different models.
Quote: Originally Posted by bdeuce22 I usually hate pumpkin beer but this one is really good. Bought a bottle when it was suggested by the beer man at the store and was pleasantly surprised. I'm trying to track down a couple bottles for Turkey Day but everywhere I've been lately is sold out of it.
I have a couple short sleeve BS shirts with two different cuts. Both are Med. I could get away with a small in the Mod fit, but the Soho fit is quite a bit slimmer. If it's the Soho cut definitely go with the larger size.
That's kind of what I was thinking. I understood their point but I couldn't imagine someone looking at pics from the wedding and thinking "wow that dress looks dirty". All the photos will be outside or in the venue so no studio shots to worry about. Wedding colors are black and red. Evening ceremony. Maybe a pale pink or something... Was planning on white though. Nothing quite like a crisp white shirt...
Quick question. Wondering of any of you have ever heard this before... Getting married in a couple weeks and when the future Mrs was picking up her dress they told her the men in the wedding party should wear off white or ecru shirts since her dress is slightly off white. The logic being if our shirts are white it will make her dress look dingy/dirty in the photos. This sounds kind of odd to me but I've never married a chick in an off white dress before...
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