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I did this to a pair of suede Clarks DBs and I wouldn't recommend it. Instead of coming out "rugged" they came out...ugly. That is really the best way to describe it. I Like to think of myself as pretty okay with DIY projects but this one was a failure on my part. I used a whole tin of the walmart brand mink oil and maybe that was my issue. The good news is that they are now thoroughly waterproof.
They are all great jeans, go try em all on and choose the one you like best. All of those are made of Japanese denim. The RRL's can advertise they were made in the USA, but that doesn't mean their construction is "superior" just made somewhere else. This question is too broad.
I found Style Forum after I wandered over from /fa/ on 4chan. Of course I found /fa/ from /fit/ and I found /fit/ from /b/. In short I'm here because of 4Chan.
Well the overly graphic hoodies with dragons and shit or logos probably arent the best bet. But anything that fits well like a Wing&Horns hoodie at the top end or an AA at the low end will look fine.
All but three presidents since 1825 have been in fraternities. More than half of the house of representatives were in fraternities or sororities. Your gf watches too much TV. Party school frats don't count, those things are a disgrace.
There is no doubting the quality of LLBS is much higher than LEC. I recently bought their lambswool shawl neck and really the quality exellent, but the fit was a touch boxy. Ive also bought numerous pants as well as the field jacket. Another thing to be said is that I dont think it would be worth the full price, and even then at 25% off it was a stretch. I feel you get more bang for your buck with certain LEC pieces and I am almost more content with what I've got from LEC...
The example merely has it written out, but in the flavor text it explains that it is a variety and should you order one of their "actually vintage" sweatshirts you will receive a random sweatshirt. Which then reminded me of my own example. I was merely posting on the propensity for people to just kinda throw things on without thinking of the meaning behind it, and I'm not here to espouse the value of being in a fraternity during and after college, as that is a very...
Haters gonna hate This was more of a commentary on seeing somebody on the street representing something they are not a part of. Of course military medals hold more weight than fraternity letters. And who cares if my "slampiece" puts em on in the "fratcastle". I think your all confusing movies and TFM for what actual people do. I didn't expect anyone to understand =/. This is like trying to explain buying common projects or painted GATs to normal people.
incoming rant: I recently saw that Blackbird is selling vintage sweatshirts. I noticed the example sweatshirt displays a prominent and still very active fraternity's letters. Being in a fraternity myself I would go out of my way to introduce myself to anybody else wearing my letters. This would lead to an interesting situation as the proper procedure (with my fraternity as with many others) is to ask that the letters be removed immediately should the wearer not be a...
Best: -Any RRL denim, I think I bought 3-4 pairs this year and honestly I love each one -I got some Frye boots as a present and they are the most comfortable boots I have, and they looks tough as nails compared to the W+H service boots -LEC slim fit chinos, somehow these fit me great and they feel tough and I wear em hard cause they are so replaceable - stay-dri polos from uniqlo that I swear by in the heat! - RL black label leather moto jacket, its more modern than I'm...
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