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I wonder: How does the Yucca's fit & the Canoe Mocs (from 2009 I think)?
I guess you can wear any sweater 4 ways, but why would you? Nice story though, and I look forward to getting the sweater, I have been looking for something like this for a long time, and got it for a good price too.
LOL, yeah, I know, just weird everyone calls it "reversible", what are they thinking?
http://www.contextclothing.com/item.php?id=2461 I got this one from ebay now, 100 GBP, good price. They say it's reversible, but to me it seems weird to wear it inside-out, what do you think?
So only size 48s in that sample sale?
Are the RMF down jackets warm? Like really warm. I have looked for a good winter jacket for a while now (probably wait until next winter though), and their down jackets (the blue ones especially) look pretty cool.
If anyone got a storm parka in 50 I might be up for trading it with my 48. It fits me quite well, but a little tight, I would prefer a more relaxed fit. But I'll keep it and wear it a lot for sure anyway.
Cabourn sale in a Danish store: http://www.stoy-munkholm.dk/male/nigel-cabourn.html I snatched the last storm parka with 50% discount + 20% tax removed, hallelujah!! Other good offers there too though.
Any idea when superdenim might have the next Cabourn special sale (based on how often they have done it up till now)? If they will do it again at all.. I feel like an idiot for not getting the storm parka for an insane price last time.
Did not purchase as much as many others here, but anyway: Best: Nigel Cabourn green aircraft jacket 45rpm brown boiled wool jacket Visvim elk logan deck lo (bought from sf) Highland 2000 oatmeal hat Worst: Cabourn shetland knit, way too large, had to return it. Other than that nothing.
New Posts  All Forums: