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Also, how warm is the jacket, can it stand cold Nordic temperatures?
Hey! Can anyone tell me how the fit of the wool blend down jacket from this season is? I'm 185 cm tall, 40 in. chest. Is a large too big for me?
Hi! Thanks for the offer, but I think I have to turn it down, I'm on the hunt for a WM jacket.
I'm looking for a Nanamica Grey field jacket size L, would prefer the one from AW10.
How is the fit of the US clip jacket compared to the aircraft jacket? I have the aircraft in a 50, but I see superdenim only have 48 and 52 left.
Up for sale is an Engineered Garments duffle coat. Black, size medium (fits true to size, can take measurments if you need them). I bought this last year on ebay, it had been bought in 2005, but never worn. I wore it quite a lot last winter, but only once this winter. It's warm and nice. Some minor defects: Small holes in an inner pocket, but trust me, nothing very bad. Also, a missing button on an inner fastening thing I didn't use anyway (more buttons included). Overall...
Hi! I wonder if any of you have any experience with the duffle jacket from last year (aw11)? I shouldn't tell you about ebay items I know, but there's one out there now. Size 48. I have the aircraft jacket + a submarine sweater in sz. 50, do you think a 48 would be too small for me? I'm 185 cm tall, 40 inches chest. Appreciate any help.
Me too, would love to have the grey parka!
I might go look for some vintage, but hard, since I live in a small town.
I'm also looking for something warm (for Nordic winters) durable and good looking. I don't think the Arcteryx SV fission jacket looks so great, but I don't doubt it's warm and reasonably priced. Any other ideas?
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