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So it's not warm enough for -15? Hmm..I'm looking for something that can be used in cold weather. I have an old shearling coat I use for really cold days, it works, but it's ugly.
Oh, I had no idea they made so few. It's normally out of my price league, but I would go pretty far to get it! 50 is probably my size.
I wonder if the coastal command will be sold for an ok price on ebay or elsewhere later. There's one on ebay now, highest bid, hard to say how much it will be. For those of you who own it, what do you think about it?
Holy shit, 650? I wish I didn't know I didn't know about that. That jacket is my dream winter coat. Warm enough for Nordic winters, looks great, but so expensive.
Thanks for your answers! They might stretch out, but hard to tell if they strech out enough for them to be comfortable. It's not the season to wear them here in Norway now anyway, lots of snow. Removing the sole seems a bit dangerous, hard to sell them if it would be a fiasco. But I have a feeling they might be comfortable after wearing them for a few weeks.
Bought a pair of angler mocs on ebay. Amazing shoes, but just slightly too small. Have anyone had experiences with changing the insoles? I might try to do that, the sole is pretty thick. Otherwise I might sell them, they are size 9D UK, barely used. Would be interested in swapping with half a size or even one full size bigger, or other Yuketen shoes.
Thank you. Cheap, but didn't like it that much. Something like this would be amazing: But I know that's from 2008 and it was probably very, very expensive.
Agree, fantastic! But too expensive for me as well, and I'm not sure about suede in the snow.
I bump this instead of starting a new thread. I'm looking for a warm jacket too, that can keep me warm in temperatures down to -20 (I live in Norway). I had a shearling jacket that was exceptionally warm, but the tailor kind of ruined it, and it's hard finding shearling jackets that look good that don't cost a lot. I could also go for a down jacket. Cabourn has some nice down jackets, but they are normally out of my price range. Rocky Mountain Featherbed looks good too,...
Anyone tried the geddes clip jacket from last year? How warm is it?
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