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Up for sale is this boiled wool jacket made by 45rpm. I have had this jacket in my closet for too long. It's really great, material is fantastic, but unfortunately it's a little too small for me. I have worn it only once. for a brief walk outside. 3 front pockets, many cool details, like anchor motif inside a front pocket. The sleeves can be turned inside out, like shown on the photos. The lining here has a faded look. This is the intention of the designer. Unfortunately...
Thanks, I'll check out that. I'm happy to finally find some jeans that fit me.
I own the LVC 501XX 1927, looking for something similar because it's really wide in the thigh part and that's good for me, since I get holes with most other pants. What other 501XX models are like this?
Ok, thanks, might be interested! I'll send you a message tomorrow, too tired now:)
Does anyone have the geddes jacket? Is it wise to size down? There's one on ebay I'm tempted by, but it's 52, I'm 50 in aircraft and 48 in storm parka.
Hi again, any experience with the show down puffa jacket? This can be found pretty cheap on ebay often. I'm thinking about warmth. It looks pretty nice. The coastal command was sold today, I guess it was not meant for me.
Weird, sheepskin/shearling coats are normally some of the warmest jackets you can find, together with down jackets. The coastal command looks very warm too. Personally I prefer the look of sheepskin to down jackets.
So it's not warm enough for -15? Hmm..I'm looking for something that can be used in cold weather. I have an old shearling coat I use for really cold days, it works, but it's ugly.
Oh, I had no idea they made so few. It's normally out of my price league, but I would go pretty far to get it! 50 is probably my size.
I wonder if the coastal command will be sold for an ok price on ebay or elsewhere later. There's one on ebay now, highest bid, hard to say how much it will be. For those of you who own it, what do you think about it?
New Posts  All Forums: