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I bump this instead of starting a new thread. I'm looking for a warm jacket too, that can keep me warm in temperatures down to -20 (I live in Norway). I had a shearling jacket that was exceptionally warm, but the tailor kind of ruined it, and it's hard finding shearling jackets that look good that don't cost a lot. I could also go for a down jacket. Cabourn has some nice down jackets, but they are normally out of my price range. Rocky Mountain Featherbed looks good too,...
Anyone tried the geddes clip jacket from last year? How warm is it?
Are the 33s the most baggy of the pants?
I understand. Any recomendations of jeans with the same fit as the 33s?
Oh yes, apparently it's 1933 I own. So I wonder if the other "years" fit the same as this?
Is the fit of the Levis 501 XX consistent? I have one pair, but I bought it from a friend and do not know what exact model (year) it is. But the fit is the best I've had and the quality good too. I'm thinking about getting another pair.
Maybe they just have long sleeves, Nanamica jackets. I think medium would be way too small for me probably, and the difference between large and xtra large is maybe not that big. With a thick sweater, like sns herning stark, mine will probably fit me fine. I got it for a good price, around 250 GBP, worn five times, in perfect condition, so I'm happy I bought it. But it's still a little annoying I don't have a large, would probably be even better.. It's an amazing jacket by...
I did! Found the AW10 grey version on ebay for a good price. It was actually an XL, as the seller's measurements seemed okay,and he was shorter than me. Now I've got it, I haven't got the chance to use it for real since it's still summer. I would say it's on the border, a little long arms perhaps, would probably fit me better with a large, but I think it still does fit me pretty well. It's probably because I'm very aware of it since I originally was looking for a large....
Nanamica field jacket from aw10, worn five times before, from ebay. amazing!
Got the field jacket from ebay, finally, its the aw10 version. I'm waiting for it to arrive in the mail. A little hesitantly i bought an xl, as the seller told me it's 22 inches pit to pit, 77 cm long, which doesn't sound that extreme, 45 cm shoulders. However, this seems a little weird seeing the measurments on the latest version of the jacket. I took the chance since I've wanted this for a long time now, and the grey aw10 version is the best. anyone familiar on the...
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