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How about getting an internship? Or getting a normal job in a store like tres bien or end clothing? What does it take to make this happen when you don't have relevant experience or education in the field. Maybe impossible.. One of the founders of Tres Bien recomended to try one of these things to gain experience.
For sale is this Our Legacy shirt. Bought from fuk.co.uk, worn 3 times by previous owner, only tried on by me. Size small, but fits like a medium. Price is 70 GBP + shipping (from Norway). Nice shirt, just have to many shirts like this already, so I will let it go.
Hi! How does the fatigue pants fit? I have Sugar Cane 1947's in 34, same with Levis 501XX, if you are familiar with those pants. Should I go for a 34 here as well? Also I can mention I had the workaday cords in 34 but they were slightly too tight (I know the fit on those is a bit crazy).
KamChan: I would say the storm parka fits a little larger than other Cabourn items I've had. I have a size 48, but I got 50 in the aircraft jacket, submarine sweater and 4 way roll neck. But I think I could have had a 50 in the storm parka as well, it's a little tight with a thick sweater under. Both would have worked.
For sale is a blue/white Gitman Vintage shirt. It's used, but the quality on this is truly excellent and it will last you for years to come! Size is a medium, fits a small/slim medium best I would say. It's made in a seersucker fabric, perfect for the summer. Will ship anywhere. Price is 35 GBP + shipping, 6 in Europe, 10 outside, so total 41 or 45 GBP. This is it: http://www.inventorymagazine.com/updates/gitman-vintage-gingham-seersucker.html
Got the storm parka, still want the Nanamica field jacket in L, grey.
I am interested in the olive fatigue pants by Orslow, sold from Inventory. However, I think I might need a size XL. Anyone tried these pants? Is it worth the stress to proxy them all the way from Japan?
Can these angler mocs be found anywhere now? http://weardifferent.blogspot.com/2010/09/yuketen-scotch-grain-brown-angler-moc.html
Can anyone comment on the fit of the sports chukka? How is it compared to the ranger mocs?
Got these from ebay, fantastic shoes, FIL exclusive from a few seasons back. Worn 10-15 times by previous owner, only tried on quickly by me, in excellent condition. Unfortunately they are slightly too short for me. If anyone has the same shoes half a size or even one size up, let me know, I might wanna do a trade. Same goes with other visvim shoes size 10-11. Crepe soles. Hard to capture the real colour on the...
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