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Does anyone know if it's still possible to get the green sPark (with P) anywhere, or have they stopped producing it?
The holes are quite small, one in each sweater I mentioned. But I must say the thought of moths running around destroying my best sweaters has been planted on my mind now:( If you are familiar to the submarine sweater, it's in the hand warmer pocket, in the sns naval sweater it's on the arm, where it's a little thinner. But yeah, shouldn't be hard to fix, and I have good experiences with both brands from before, so will continue buying their stuff.
Hope not! Haven't had moth problems where I live, but who knows? They are quite big, so I would maybe see them, right? The holes appeared in "pressure areas" anyway, but still a little disappointing.
I became a little skeptical to Cabourn quality when I discovered a hole in my submarine sweater the other day. I haven't used it much. But maybe it's unrealistic to expect that these things doesn't happen with brands like Cabourn or SNS Herning (same thing happened with a SNS naval sweater the day after!!). Until know I've been very satisfied with the quality.
Why have they dropped the prices? Normally prices goes up, not down. Strange. But good.
nixda: I think I will try to find a 50, seems like it's a better size for me. But good luck with the sale.
Thanks nixda, what colour will you be selling? Is it more like a sweater or a jacket? I have thought of it more like a jacket, but have never seen it person.
I will probably try to find a us clip jacket for the spring. What size should I go for? I have the storm parka (could have sized up perhaps) and geddes in 48, aircraft in 50.
Great thread on superfuture, that's probably the best place to ask about jeans. I found out my jeans are the 1933.
Can someone confirm that this the 1927 model? I haven't found a lot of info about them. Also, does the not washed version of 1927's have a similar fit? Found this guide now!
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