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Any experince with the us clip jacket anyone? Is it like a sweater, or a proper spring jacket? What do you wear with it?
Thanks, pretty expensive vintage items on that site. I will try to visit The Vintage Showroom (probably quite expensive too), is it really that good as I have heard it is?
There's supposed to be a market in London where a man sells old Red Wing boots, any idea where this might be?
My Aldens are at least 9.5 D. Sounds like the Viberg shoes would be too small unfortunately.. But thanks for your help anyway
Looking for info about the sizing of the Viberg oxfords (actually the pair being sold in the marketplace right now) compared to Alden Indy. I have Alden Indy in size 9.5 US, the oxfords are 10 US.
Another sizing question: The maine guide ox boot, compared to ranger & angler mocs?
For sale is a Nanamica Gore Tex Field Jacket Size XL, will fit a large fine, maybe even a large medium Chest is approx. 22 inches, back length close to 30 inches from bottom of collar Worn about five times, in excellent condition Price is 210 GBP + shipping from Norway, 14 in Europe, little bit more outside Europe I will put it on ebay soon if it's not sold, so be quick!
How is the sizing on the maine guide chukka compared to ranger and angler mocs, anyone know?
Great quality sweater from The Real McCoy's Size large, but fits like a European medium. Color is blue/liliac Used, but not a lot, still in great condition. Amazing quality, it might outlive you! http://www.superdenim.com/prodpage.asp?productid=2774 Want to trade it with another loopwheeled sweater, but without a hood (preferably Real McCoy's), or feel free to come with another offer.
Looking for loopwheeled t-shirts by Real McCoy's or other brands & LVC tees. Normally m in european/american clothes and l in japanese.
New Posts  All Forums: