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Thanks, I guess they will stretch quite a lot then, but will it happen when I can't button up the top button? I mean it probably stretch after my body.
Is it really stretching that much? I can still not button it up. When should I expect it to stretch that much? I tried to search old posts here, but can't find what I'm looking for exactly.
What are they called? Didn't mean to argue, but I think this brand looks a little similar to Inverallan actually. Not to that cardigan, but..
Thanks, I will. I can already feel it's stretching out, hopefully enough for me to button it all the way up soon.
I walk around the house with a NS with tags on, decided to keep them though they are currently too small. I can button all buttons except last one, no chance to do that. Will it stretch out enough for me to button it you think?
What makes me say that is this brand looks similar to Inverallan, but as discussed earlier Inverallan has stopped taking orders and will only be available from a few stores. What make you say what makes you say that?
I know, but couldnt even button it up, so fat am I.. So figure I would try a 33 instead since it probably wont stretch that much.
This is an alternative after Inverallan vanished: http://www.tresbienshop.net/en/grp/h...-all-items.php
Brand new with tags APC New Standard sz. 32, will stretch out they say, fits a normal 33 I think. Price: 140 USD shipped in Europe, 150 outside Europe PRICE DROP 120 USD EUROPE/130 REST OF THE PLANET or traded for NS size 33 Sorry if price is a little high, but shipping is bloody expensive from Norway, and they are cheaper than in the stores. Pictures up now! Measurments from Context Clothing: Waist: 34 Rise: 11 Thigh: 11.25 Knee: 9 Leg opening: 8 PM me if you're...
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