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Sorry, didnt see that. But weird of them to close the whole website.. Any similar brands you recomend? Anyone tried anything from Jamieson's?
Read on some forum that Inverallan will continue to produce items for some retailers, but stop the personal order service (too many orders). This is a little bad news, since the prices for sure is a lot higher when not ordering directly. + of course it will be hard to find exactly what you're looking for. By the way I was going to order a grey/orange nordic knit.
What? Has Inverallan been closed down?! Just as I was about to make an order for the autumn, and just as the brand was getting more popular than ever before. http://www.inverallanhandknitters.co.uk/ After many years of business we have decided to retire. Many thanks to all our loyal customers.
Just use style forum and ebay. I can't recomend buying clothes from a place like h&m. In Stockholm where I live, the brands (Our Legacy, Acne etc.) sometimes have outlets, I remember buying three pairs of top quality jeans for about 70USD. But I don't know if there is anything like that in Vancouver. Not being rich can be irritating sometimes, I know..
+ Visvim isdt or virgil boots, in size 10? Im normally a 10 and I think this is my size
Want to buy some of the following: Blue oxford shirt, Gitman, Beams Plus, EG or other, size medium if it's a US/European brand, Large Japanese Gingham seersucker tie by Alexander Olch Visvim academica jacket Large Visvim Lieutenant size Large SNS Herning SPark (with p, not t),light grey, medium or large?(unsure of my size) Nanamica Gore Tex Field Jacket or duffel coat (large) Sweaters, outerwear by 45rpm
...Tres Bien Shop and nanamica.jp? I want this badly, but it'salready sold out in my size: http://www.tresbienshop.net/en/art/n...ool-jacket.php
I love Visvim, but I don't understand why they're trying to be so mystical, cult like.Why tease us with products only available in Japan selling for fortunes. People with well paid jobs don't have any style anyway.. But to my question: The isdt kngr boot, does this fit true to size also, like the virgils are supposed to do? I understand they're not possible to purchase from visvim's website, am I right? But I have found a few in my size (10) on Japanese Yahoo Auction. The...
Size large, any colour.
Yes, I should try to contact them. I maybe overexaggerated how much I have used the shoes, but I have anyway worn them a lot. The price of these shoes were quite high for me, so I would like them to last longer than 1,5-2 years. That's more what I expect from a brand like Clark's. Thanks for your response!
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