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What makes me say that is this brand looks similar to Inverallan, but as discussed earlier Inverallan has stopped taking orders and will only be available from a few stores. What make you say what makes you say that?
I know, but couldnt even button it up, so fat am I.. So figure I would try a 33 instead since it probably wont stretch that much.
This is an alternative after Inverallan vanished:
Brand new with tags APC New Standard sz. 32, will stretch out they say, fits a normal 33 I think. Price: 140 USD shipped in Europe, 150 outside Europe PRICE DROP 120 USD EUROPE/130 REST OF THE PLANET or traded for NS size 33 Sorry if price is a little high, but shipping is bloody expensive from Norway, and they are cheaper than in the stores. Pictures up now! Measurments from Context Clothing: Waist: 34 Rise: 11 Thigh: 11.25 Knee: 9 Leg opening: 8 PM me if you're...
Will it be available in waterproof leather from The Bureau and Revolver next year then? I really like the shoes, but I'm not so rich at the moment.
Revolver will have them in the summer of 2011 or now this autumn?
34, Burgundy. Im normally a 33 in every brand, sometimes 32 even, so it is a little strange. They fit fine everywhere except the waist. I would want most of all to swap them for a larger size if possible.
I got the cords. Nice, but too damn tight. Should fit me fine according to what I read before buying them. Was more worried they would be too large. Will they stretch out, anyone knows?
zissou, I second that Sunny Sports red chambray, on my b-list.
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