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The problem is the Japanese prices are a lot higher. I only ordered from Inverallan once unfortunately, a waistcoat,cost me less than £80, in Japan more than £300. You should get some crewnecks to the stockroom as well, Ry'on!
Hello! I need a proxy from Canada to Europe, can anyone please help?
Well, from Gitman Bros. for example Im sure you get the same quality as Band of Outsiders, without paying as much. Why the aggressive tone on this forum?
Here's a few more: Mr. Mudd and Mr. Gold (Stockholm) History Preservation (USA) Haven (Canada) Støy Munkholm (Århus) Kocksgatan 17 (Stockholm) Ebbets Field Flannel (USA) CHMC (USA) + the some Japanese: Beams, Eggplant, MAPS, Victim, Rakuten, Arknets, Big American Shop, Utility Coop, The Rugged Museum, Mizobuchi, Anoutcommune & Yahoo auction
Any chance you will get another pair (in size 9)?
A good idea is stick to brands that are expensive, but not crazy expensive, and just buying items you really want. So I mean Our Legacy and APC, not Visvim (great brand, but horrible prices) and Band of Outsiders (overrated anyway).
Yeah, any alternatives? I regret not making a big order before the summer..Inverallan is, together with sns herning, the best of its kind.
Yeah, those shoes on the link..very nice! What is this new shoe company called?
I got an answer, they have to make order in lots of 500 she said. Sad, but understandable. Good you still can get Inverallan sweaters, but it will be more expensive for sure.
I havent tried, at least they dont seem to have an order form. A real shame with Inverallan. Should I expect them to answer my emails?
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