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Yuketen mailman bag Used twice 175 plus shipping
Can someone identify this?
Have anyone of you shortened the arms of a baker jacket? I took a chance and bought an EG jacket on ebay for quite cheap. The arms are too long, and some would say the rest of it too, but I guess it depends on the fit. I will probably wear a sweater underneath, and the chest size is perfect.
Do you think End will get more stock of a Gitman oxford that already sold out in my size? I got the wrong size on the sale, and considered getting a bigger one, but now its gone at full price as well.
APC black cardigan size 2 in good used condition. Cotton-cashmere mix. Two front pockets. Shipped from UK. Price is not including shipping. Pit 2 pit: 20 inches Back length: 26 Arm, from shoulder: 24,5
SNS Herning Naval size M. Please notice it shrank a little bit, so it's more like a small (it's already a small medium). Good used condition. Made a tiny repair at one arm, not noticable. Only selling this as it's too small. Price is 40 35 GBP + postage. Please ask me, and I will find out for you. I can send to anywhere. Pit 2 pit: 20 inches Back length: 24,5 Arm, from shoulder seem: 22
Any idea how the fair isle sweater fit compared to the turtle neck (or is it called roll neck?) and the submarine? Is it ok to size up? Thanks, mpw. Anyone seen this in a size 50 still available on sale somewhere?
How do you guys where the reversible shirt, with a t-shirt unerneath? It seems like most people do so. I got one of the shirts, but it's too small to wear with a t-shirt and maybe even too small without one too. Love the shirt, but the fit is very important. The reverse side seems to fit much better for some reason.
Thanks for your help!
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