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Last night I discovered that these disgusting creatures had ruined some of my favourite wool sweaters, including a SNS Herning Stark. Or not really ruined, but they have made holes that needs to be fixed. I live in London. I called a place called British Invisible Menders, but they were way too expensive, it would cost me something like 500 pounds to repair four sweaters. Anyone who have an idea for a cheaper way to solve this? I don't expect the sweaters to look perfect,...
Ok, I just discovered this disgusting f***ing insects have eaten on my SNS Herning Stark, two Cabourn sweaters +++, I put them in the freezer right away. Any advice what to do next? Will a good tailor be able to fix these holes reasonably well?
Hi! Can anyone tell me how to make the Cabourn knot? I have an aircraft jacket I want to fix.
Up for sale is a black size large EG jacket. I think it's an engineer jacket, but I bought it from ebay and can't say for sure. I sell it since its a little too long for me, and I bought another EG jacket by someone here, so I don't need it anymore. Worn around 10-12 times. In excellent condition. I got the arms shortened. I will post measurements and some more pictures later. Price is 75 GBP + shipping from UK
  I might want to trade this. Large engineer jacket (I think!) worn about 10 times. I want to trade it into a similar jacket that's a little shorter. A large baker jacket would be great, any colour.
Thanks for your reply! I got it off ebay. It didnt say which model. But someone told me its the engineer jacket. I am not sure myself. Yes the oversized look is ok with me. Its perfect in the chest.could not have been more tight. I think it maybe works best with the neck rolled up and a sweater underneath.
Would you say this is too long for me? Obviously I can where it with a sweater as well. I got the arms shortened.
Green NC Aircraft jacket. Worn quite a lot, but in excellent used condition. Minimal signs of wear some places, and two of the "Cabourn knots" have to be redone (I haven't bothered doing this myself). I ask for 60 GBP + shipping. Size is 50, medium. Great jacket for the spring, just not my colour.
Looking for a NC reversible shirt in size 50. Not interested in all colours necessarily, but just PM me if you have one for sale.
Engineered Garments engineer jacket, worn "a couple of times" the ebay seller said. Size large. Come with offers, also willing to trade it. I would be interested in a large (grey if possible) Bedford.
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