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http://www.superdenim.com/prodpage.asp?productid=3990 Anyone seen this in a size 50 still available on sale somewhere?
How do you guys where the reversible shirt, with a t-shirt unerneath? It seems like most people do so. I got one of the shirts, but it's too small to wear with a t-shirt and maybe even too small without one too. Love the shirt, but the fit is very important. The reverse side seems to fit much better for some reason.
Thanks for your help!
Can anyone tell me how the chukkas fit?
How does the leather plimsolls fit? How is the quality, worth the money?
Hi! I wonder if stores offering VAT removal normally can do this even if they ship to an EU address, if you're home address (and address on bank card) is outside EU? St√ły Munkholm offered this for me once, hadn't thought about it myself. Would make things much better of course.
Any experince with the us clip jacket anyone? Is it like a sweater, or a proper spring jacket? What do you wear with it?
Thanks, pretty expensive vintage items on that site. I will try to visit The Vintage Showroom (probably quite expensive too), is it really that good as I have heard it is?
There's supposed to be a market in London where a man sells old Red Wing boots, any idea where this might be?
My Aldens are at least 9.5 D. Sounds like the Viberg shoes would be too small unfortunately.. But thanks for your help anyway
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