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Kato jeans size 36, can put up more detailed measurements if anyone is interested. Selling only as they are too big for me. I have had several pairs of Kato jeans and always been pleased with them, Worn 3-4 times max briefly. Shipped from London.
Top quality Studio D'Artisan jeans, tagged 36, but fits smaller. Loose fitting. Bought it on ebay, but didn't fit me. Only tried on. Here are the ebay sellers measurements Waist: 45,2 cm (17,8'') Front Rise: 29,7 cm (11,7'') Leg Opening: 25 cm (9,9'') Inseam: 76 cm (30'')
Maybe the wrong thread, but any ideas for something similar to alden indy, but a bit cheaper? I have a pair of indys, but I want to have an extra pair of boots, a little bit cheaper this time. I mean another brand.
How do you people wash the US clip jacket? It says handwash only, but is it safe to use a machine?
Yuketen Boots Worn around 10 times, great condition Shipped from London. You will have to pay for shipping too. Size 9D US
Thank you, I will!
Thankfully the stark was the least affected. The bastards went for the arms and chest of the sweaters. I think it's because those are the most dirty parts. My dry cleaner took 5 pounds each for a repair, which is a very reasonable price. I don't expect them to look great, but as long as I can continue to wear them I am happy. The worst sweater was a Nigel Cabourn fairisle pattern sweater, light brown. From now on I will have vacuum bags and check the sweaters every second...
Thanks you. I might email them. But i will try somewhere here first. Does anyone know how fast moths ruin a sweater? I fear that they wont dryclean them before thursday.
Thanks. I will have a look at it, but it's probably very expensive with shipping back and forth + taxes. I did deliver the stuff to the dry cleaner, I just hope they won't wait two days to clean it so it allows the moths to destroy even more.
Thank you, Eric. I made some primitive hangman knots, not really great quality. But then I discovered two of my Cabourn wool sweaters being full of moth holes:(
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