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How do you people wash the US clip jacket? It says handwash only, but is it safe to use a machine?
Yuketen Boots Worn around 10 times, great condition Shipped from London. You will have to pay for shipping too. Size 9D US
Thank you, I will!
Thankfully the stark was the least affected. The bastards went for the arms and chest of the sweaters. I think it's because those are the most dirty parts. My dry cleaner took 5 pounds each for a repair, which is a very reasonable price. I don't expect them to look great, but as long as I can continue to wear them I am happy. The worst sweater was a Nigel Cabourn fairisle pattern sweater, light brown. From now on I will have vacuum bags and check the sweaters every second...
Thanks you. I might email them. But i will try somewhere here first. Does anyone know how fast moths ruin a sweater? I fear that they wont dryclean them before thursday.
Thanks. I will have a look at it, but it's probably very expensive with shipping back and forth + taxes. I did deliver the stuff to the dry cleaner, I just hope they won't wait two days to clean it so it allows the moths to destroy even more.
Thank you, Eric. I made some primitive hangman knots, not really great quality. But then I discovered two of my Cabourn wool sweaters being full of moth holes:(
Last night I discovered that these disgusting creatures had ruined some of my favourite wool sweaters, including a SNS Herning Stark. Or not really ruined, but they have made holes that needs to be fixed. I live in London. I called a place called British Invisible Menders, but they were way too expensive, it would cost me something like 500 pounds to repair four sweaters. Anyone who have an idea for a cheaper way to solve this? I don't expect the sweaters to look perfect,...
Ok, I just discovered this disgusting f***ing insects have eaten on my SNS Herning Stark, two Cabourn sweaters +++, I put them in the freezer right away. Any advice what to do next? Will a good tailor be able to fix these holes reasonably well?
Hi! Can anyone tell me how to make the Cabourn knot? I have an aircraft jacket I want to fix.
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