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Thanks! Incredible that the tailors claim the silk is suitable for tropical wear because porous?!
There is a silk jacket advertised as porous and ideal for the tropics, yet online are various judgments that silk is not suitable for humidity?! And my great aunt says if I wear a silk jacket, it will get hot because silk warms in warm weather, chills in cold weather. The article of clothing in question is a sport jacket. If it is true a silk jacket is comfortable and cool in a hot wet climate (a disco for example), would seersucker yield because silk is somehow a...
Dear Betelgeuse, Where did you find such beautiful clothes?
Dear Tweedy Prof, Aren't you perspiring in that heavy double-breasted jacket? ❓ PS: Your efforts to clothe yourself seriously pays respect to both scientists.
Thanks very much. That means Italy manufactures many washable jackets?!
Colco, Please reveal the brand and details of what appears to be a seersucker washable (?) jacket?
Dear Kent, Is that cream linen suit washable? Does the jacket have padded shoulders? Are you satisfied by the fit?
I hope to buy a pair of Bass Weejuns in the Smooth Brown Turner Weejun model, but I don't know if UK 7 1/2 means for Bass Weejun fit US 8 or US 8 1/2? Thanks in advance for your advice!
Kent Wang just wrote me his seersucker jackets are made in China. I wonder if the Italians make washable jackets?
Are either made in India?
New Posts  All Forums: