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Having read above that wool and linen blend wrinkles, I'm less enthused about the RTW Cordings 50% wool 50% linen jacket I consider after disasters in flannel and wool cashmere. Dance and sweat in lightweight flannel to get pilling, carry Filson rucksack on wool cashmere to rip lining and make holes.
I was told by G&H customer service the shirts considerably reduced to the sale price were made in Turkey, and sleeve shortening costs £20. Emma Willis, N&£, Pink charge £15. Ede & Ravenscroft ecommerce refused to shorten sleeves of RTW shirts unless wearer be measured in shop! Seems to be a act of revenge from a saleman in shop who dislikes contradiction by customer to his authoritarian demeanor.
Are we discussing RTW or bespoke?
Have there been any evaluations on this website about Gieves & Hawkes dress shirts?
I see there are four terms to differentiate: Off White Ecru Ivory Cream
What's the difference between ecru and cream?
I wonder why a few Brits like Simon Crompton believe Italian trousers are preferable. Of course, CT trousers are probably manufactured in Tunesia, Turkey, or even worse, Asia.
PS: I recommended he look at your website and also check your thread here and see how you attract belt lovers from the whole world, and that you wrote you are training young persons who sometimes make mistakes which you offer at reduced prices, but he said he must tell his brother-in-law to open a website, too.
Dear Charlie, I shall print out this exchsnge and give to him. I'm impressed by your reflection. At first I didn't understand what he meant, but then I recalled that many shoe soles have the thread on the bottom in such a groove. He has an exhibition of his brother-in-law's belts hsnging on the wall on the opposite side of his shop. It flashed through my mind that none of those exhibited belt had such grooves, but I was so surprised and shocked by this fundamental...
Tshirts originated as little as I know as undershirt. Undershirts can be comfortable and provide warmth for persons who are very sensitive to cold. Smedley Sea Island collarless shirts easily rip at seam joints, if Huntsman offers Tshirts, I would like to know its specifications. If Huntsman would offer Tshirts, I suspect those desiring Huntsmann logo might not get such. Since Huntsmann refers to Budd, undershirt promotion unlikely, and I doubt either new owner nor new...
New Posts  All Forums: