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Dear Beyond Mars, My remark about the jacket back was based on your lower photo at the odd dark section to the left on the level of the shoulder sleeve underside. What is that vertical dark section? Because the jacket's shoulders are not padded and look natural, and I can understand an enthusiasm for the jacket, I have no pleasure whatsoever to damper your happiness. That's why you need a professional, I'm not schooled for this delicate matter.
I remember one cosmopolitan SF member who is a Brit living in Italy disliked Gieves & Hawkes RTL jackets. Besides the complication there seem to be two ranges, approx. £600 and approx. £1300, of disparate quality, I 'd appreciate a criticism of the cut and quality of manufacture, and possibly a contrast to New & Lingwood jackets? (Not House of Fraser, but Jermyn Street) Thanks very much.
Dear CPTJeff, Thanks very much for your friendly and kind review. I did notice the thinner sole of the Wiltons and guessed from the numerous colors that this must be a popular model for maximum slipper feel. Why can't a rubber sole be glued on the thin sole and heel to protect it from wear and water? What you describe of the classic flat strap's leather being treated so it looks like plastic fits perfectly to a Jodhpur boot made by A. Sargent I bought from Shipton &...
You must speak with a good tailor. I think the sleeves are a bit too long, the jacket is a bit too short. The jacket back does't fit you right.
Which whole cut loafer is to be preferred: Justin FitzPatrick Kent Wang ?
Where can I find an evaluation of these different Bass Weejun flat strap models in specified colors - their respective advantages and disadvantages? Ryan Weejuns Brown, Tan Wilton Weejuns Brown, Burgundy Turner Weejuns Smooth Brown Ray Weejuns Brown Classic Flat Strap Weejuns Burgundy
Having read above that wool and linen blend wrinkles, I'm less enthused about the RTW Cordings 50% wool 50% linen jacket I consider after disasters in flannel and wool cashmere. Dance and sweat in lightweight flannel to get pilling, carry Filson rucksack on wool cashmere to rip lining and make holes.
I was told by G&H customer service the shirts considerably reduced to the sale price were made in Turkey, and sleeve shortening costs £20. Emma Willis, N&£, Pink charge £15. Ede & Ravenscroft ecommerce refused to shorten sleeves of RTW shirts unless wearer be measured in shop! Seems to be a act of revenge from a saleman in shop who dislikes contradiction by customer to his authoritarian demeanor.
Are we discussing RTW or bespoke?
Have there been any evaluations on this website about Gieves & Hawkes dress shirts?
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