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User info? Where is the user info at the bottom of the post, please? I only see either flag, thumb or quote?
Thanks very much, powerkicker! My attempt to formulate more precisely failed. I just wanted to specify which jacket cloth I had in mind (because I'm interested in washing it). You are probably right the cloth doesn't influence the cut. I'm glad to hear the cut covers your seat. I'll keep that in mind if I order from Chester Barrie.
Wow, eight bucks hard-earned to dry clean a pair of cotton trousers! If I were to dry clean my cotton clothing I hardly have money to buy more!
tbrock about buying sunspel t-shirts: I kept searching and got all mine, all made in England crew neck, short-sleeves, L - none black, grey nor white - below thirty quid on sale online by checking everyday. I got two negative judgments about moleskin as jacket cloth: 1. Loses shape 2. Heavy and stiff
I read just recently Sunspel left Turkey. My undershirt or tshirt is Sunspel. I'm very happy with Sunspel tshirts which I buy on sale and a size larger. No problems with disintegration I always had with Smedley.
You who dry clean cotton trousers are not as poor as I and live where dry cleaning must cost less. I recommend whatever brand - I know two I consider better than Cordings - always buy larger sizes because cotton trousers shrink when washed, far more than one thinks.
What about Cordings versus Oliver Brown in moleskin or needlecord jacket? I prefer double vent and wider lapel, but I fear although Oliver Brown costs more that the quality is less than Cordings? I wonder if moleskin is more beautiful than needlecord in a jacket?
Now is sale time and an inexpensive jacket might help: in moleskin or needlecord? at Cordings or Oliver Brown? Very grateful for your advice because I cannot visit the shops, being far away in another land!
Please advise me what differences exists between non-wool sportjackets made by Hardy Amies and those by Chester Barrie? Are both Amies and Barrie cut so that the jacket length covers the whole trouser seat, or is the cut shorter? Thanks very much.
Dear Klaghorn, I'm sorry if I missed it, but did you say how much i.e. which percentage linen is in the cloth of your beautiful blue suit? Do you have a steamer to eliminate wrinkles in the linen cloth, and if so, what brand? Thank you.
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