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Thanks for your reply and advice. I'm looking for what will last the longest. Do you have Topas and/or a Salsa? If so, how have they held up? Price isn't so much the issue as is durability. Appreciate your help!
I've seen incredibly mixed reviews of Rimowa's Topas aluminum line. It seems to me that polycarbonate would scratch/crack more easily, but I have not travelled with a Rimowa yet. I will be buying a carry-on and hopefully avoid rabid baggage handlers, but would of course like the suitcase to be as sturdy as possible. Also, any other suggestions/comparisons would be much appreciated. $1000 or less. Thanks!
Glad to see Emma Willis' items on sf - great designer! Great shirts, especially.
80% linen 20% silk, unique sheen with breathability. Look into this year's Isaia S/S line, some wonderful stuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by ImFlier where did you get that from card holder The ostentatious "LOUIS VUITTON" and hackneyed pattern don't prompt people to ask that question.
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos I don't know, for travel duffles are kinda neither here nor there for me - for their intended purpose (a weekend) they carry enough that they'll be a hassle to lug around, yet not enough that you'd not need to bring any other bag. From personal experience, any air travel involving duffles are just plain inconvenient - they get beat around and the surface gets damaged if they are checked in, they provide zero...
Self-explanatory title; will pay up to $40.
Just got a pair of dark navy blue slacks - flat front, micropatterning but essentially a plain navy - and I have no idea for a sportscoat/blazer to look for! Any advice on color and style would be much appreciated.
PM sent on Paul Stuart shirt!
Choosing between two SeaVees sneakers: I need white sneakers to wear with shorts this coming spring/summer. If you don't have anything nice to say about either, you know the maxim... Thanks. Edit: Sorry if the images don't work. Here are the links to pics:
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