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I agree, you can probably get away with most styles wearing a fine pinstripe and plain shirt. Checks are very popular here in Oz at the moment
Personally I am a fan of Cross Pens. They are lovely to handle and write with and range from inexpensive to luxury items.
Some great advice - thanks.I always hang my belts - is that the best method of storage?
Definitely too much!
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum No. The 'rule' is that the socks should match the trousers, but you can wear contrasting bright colours too. They should not normally match the shoes, and you can probably survive without ever wearing a black sock (even if you're wearing black shoes and black trousers, navy socks would probably be better than black, just to add a bit of depth). Just wondered what sort of bright colours are acceptable...
As well as using the right cream polish and/or conditioner, it a cedar shoe tree is a inexpensive item and a great investment. They help maintain the shape of your shoes and prevent cracking. They also absorb moisture which may avoid the white marks.
Not sure if you can get Hidesign in the US, but they make very reasonably priced, good quality leather briefcases and bags.
I don't think many people where the traditional wedding ties these days, especially those not in the actual wedding party Today the description "wedding tie" seems to be very loose and can refer to anything from a long tie coordinated with the bridesmaid dresses (I can almost see the eyes rolling here) or a fat boy tie to match a vest, or even a cravat.
Not tacky, but I just never saw the point when a wallet will serve the same purpose and have room for cards, drivers licence etc
Quote: Originally Posted by binge The question is not how many you need but how many you want. IMO you only need maybe three. Three is good, light brown, mid brown, dark brown......ok and maybe tan
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