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This is perhaps the best post in this thread in forever.
Yeah I freelance for a few places. Nice little gig.
Being an Oilers fan is masochistic.
I wrote about this song, which is very very good. If you like rap. https://soundcloud.com/richkiddbeats/id-be-lying
His collaboration with Jeremih, "Bo Peep (Do U Right)", is one of the year's best tracks.
Apologies. I'm just excited for my first ToJ.
No, the cuffs aren't rolled, I just have short arms.
For those who wanted pictures of the F/W 12 baseball knit, this is a large on me. I'm 6'0 and 180lbs. Pardon the dumb expression.
Is tomorrow Tracking Day for me? 12 weeks now, could be!
Guido's shoulders are just fine on that shirt.
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