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Yeah, but I felt like wearing red pants, so I wore red pants. Agreed that navy pants would look great with the other items, though.
Sorry for the shitty bathroom pic. SNS Herning Gitman Bros Vintage Gap Sperry
I can't wait until I order my leather MA1 Charly special ugggggh.
Looks great to me?
Rap hasn't been this good in over a decade. It's fucking incredible the amount of great stuff coming out in rap.
Actually, looks like the whites are sold out, too. Ugh.
Argh. Looks like the white highs are available, though. I think I want them instead of MMM GATs. I know his and lows are totally different but I need a pair of white sneaks. I'm a 43 in the MMM mids... what would be my Balenciaga highs size?
Are the black pleated Balenciaga highs available still or are they an old season item?
I'm not kidding. I'll send money for the duffel bag right this second. Must have it.
I'll pay for the duffel right now.
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