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iffs, how tall are you what/what are your measurements? TOJ1 2011 looks fantastic!
TOJ1 2011 at Canadian customs in Vancouver now! I'm hoping hope it gets here by the end of this week.
I'm lazy (this meant as a reply to ipractice).
Thanks, I'm dumb.
What company does ToJ use for shipping? "EMS" doesn't mean a lot to a Canadian like me.
Where's the Babar shirt from?!
Tracking received ahhhhh!!!!!!!
Yeah this Chance mixtape is ridiculously good.
Nah agreed with Stanley, one or the other. I'd just stack these in this fit, personally.
Yeah, I think a pair of suede bucks would also have worked with that fit, too. I don't have many casual shoes at the moment, so the boat shoes were all I had. Thought Alden cigar LWBs and the like were a bit too formal. Appreciate the feedback!
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