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The shirt is great, Stanley. Gant, right?
Kind of really disappointed in the Kimbie, T. And I love "Made to Stray." The Disclosure is pretty great, though! Trap House 3 on repeat for me.
Too slim? Not long enough? I think you crazy on this one, Teger. That's a spot-on fit.
Yep, so fresh and so clean:
OMG DEETS ON THE BLAZER NAO. Ahhh see on the Epaulet thread it's Epaulet. *orders*
Young Chop. And yeah, he's a great producer.
Yep I can't count.
Yeah, I ordered on Jan 11th, so almost 5 months. About to order a leather MA1, hopefully that doesn't take quite as long haha.
MY TOJ1 2011 IS HERE AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Quick mirror snap before I gotta run, will have real fit pics later. FITS AMAZING. Glad I went with the 52. Now time to order the Charly special leather MA1!
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