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Jesus, I ordered a pair of Common Projects Vintage Lows on Sunday night, they arrived ten minutes ago. Three days flat, no duties/taxes (thus far). I'm very impressed, Tres Biens.
My feet are regular width, so hopefully the 42s work. I'll find out when they arrive on Friday, I guess!
* Items are shipped from Canada. * All prices in USD. No returns. * PayPal only. Please add 4% for PayPal fees. * Shipping is extra. I'm trying to get rid of things I don't wear-- and I've never ever worn these. You know these mythical beasts-- the Alden x Leffot "Day Tripper" boots, ravello cordovan, Grant last, size 9D. Never worn, complete with original box and shoe bags. These are some of the rarest Alden boots ever made-- you can find original copies of Raekwon's...
Picked up a pair of 42 Vintage Lows. I'm a 43 in MMM GATs and 43 in Supergas, so should I be alright, sizing-wise?
Picked up a pair of these Vintage Lows for $350 shipped to Canada, which I'm stoked about. This should be arriving tomorrow: And received this the other week from Teger:
Any other places stocking this flannel shirt other than Frans Boone? Need a medium, which is sold out there.
Except for (No) Malice doesn't rap about pushing weight anymore, unfortunately.
If I'm a 43 in MMM GATs and Supergas, would I also be a 43 in CP Vintages?
Thanks. Dumb question, but is it easy to make a long-sleeve shirt into a short-sleeve shirt?
Me too, but I can't find a medium anywhere. Only seems to be available at Barney's.
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