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Did anyone cop the Ion cardigan? I found it for very cheap in town and couldn't resist picking it up, and I love it.
Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille today.
Is the shirt MTO site working now?
Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather today.
I'm and 8.5 in the Barrie and 9D in the Grant, I'm looking at a pair of unlined suede loafers in the Van last. 8.5 too?
Tell him to stop rapping because he's awful at it. His first two albums are fantastic, he needs to get back to that.
Appreciate the Edmonton shoutout. You ever been?
Love 'em. Took a 42 as I'm a 43 in MMM GATs and they fit great.
This might be a dumb question, but do you guys hang your SNS pieces or fold them? With the loose weaves on a lot of their pieces, I'm worried hanging my Stark isn't the best idea.
Arrived today, the 42s fit great. Good thing my feet aren't wide, though.
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