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Quote: Originally Posted by jslade My god, I didn't know they made DH in sizes that large. They make them in tag sizes up to 38... EDIT: Sarcasm detector broken today, apparently.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nereis Where 2 kop Seconded...
Does your father look like this?
Does anyone have any experience with Rick Owens' drkshdw denim, quality-wise? I ordered a pair not long ago, am not sure if I will regret the decision.
Quote: Originally Posted by Chrenetique No. The "steel blue" I'm talking about is actually indigo, or close to it. Very much like the classic A.P.C. raw denim color. Nonetheless, I saw something like the sky blue pants you're showing, at the A.P.C. store - it was utterly bizarre, as it was not denim, but a chino (constructed like a chino) made in a cotton imitating denim. I wouldn't take it, even for free. But I don't know if it's your item. Believe it...
If my girlfriend bought me a Dior suit I would marry her.
Are you talking about these? I was thinking of buying them for this summer but was confused about sizing as well... So if I generally take a 33, I wouldn't have to size down one these to account for stretch?
Drop on the Diors!
Drop on the pants. I would imagine that cold washing/hang drying them would not be detrimental to these, as they really do just feel like really nice cotton pants.
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