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For sale is a Dior Homme cardigan I purchased last year at Barneys and have worn once. It's a beautiful sand color, with awesome horn buttons and a cool lace/fishnet two-layer appearance. It's tag size XL, but they seemed to run quite slim. I'm generally a medium in everything and this fits with a cool drapey effect to it, as the material is a thin, gauzey cotton. Perfect for hot summer days where you want more style than anybody around you, but you still want to be...
The Barneys Co-Op polos are really light pieces that, on sale, are quite nice. The collar on mine is really unstructured, though, so if that's important I would stay away.
winston86dit: Amazing seller. Great stuff, great prices, and a very pleasant person to deal with. Should have bought a few more things but they were snatched up before I made up my mind. On another note, has anyone dealed with trynottobetrendy? I bought a pair of Dior Painted Skys from him about a month and a half ago. He was extremely helpful before I bought them, and after I paid, communication was cut off. I never received the jeans, and emails have not been...
Bump for good seller!
I think they look great, stacking included, but I'm also a newb.
So, I have a 33 inch waist, and normally take tag sized 32. I ordered a pair of APC New Cures in a tag size 29, as the measurements from Context said they have a waist of 31 inches and, since they are raw, would stretch out to a comfortable fit. Unfortunately, they came yesterday and the waist turned out to be a whopping 28 inches. I sent them back today, but am now unsure of what size to order. I'm wary of Context's measurements now, so hopefully someone can help me...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jared7 The infamous Canadian tuxedo. Funky indeed That is the best sales pitch I have ever read.
Added Dior jeans, pic of Steven Alan shirt.
I've recently (as in today) saw the Somet 008 model on Context's website and the fit looks really nice. Any info as to how much they stretch? From the measurements, they appear vanity sized already ala APC.
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