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Just ordered a pair of the Momo jeans from Scottsdale Barneys! Awesome price for a pair of jeans that look to be better quality than the alternatives (APC comes to mind).
Added Dior jeans, MMM jacket.
Clothes are dumb, Pokemon is where it's at.
The W+H Henleys are AMAZING. I've been wearing an oatmeal heather gray one all weekend, top notch stuff.
Any feedback on the Momo x NF collab? I like the skinny guy cut, may search for a pair of 33s in Barneys nationwide. How are the fades for them? I'm assuming they fade more like Momotaro jeans rather than N&F jeans?
So, how do EG garments usually fit, slim/large/etc? I'm debating over buying an EG Bedford on the B&S, but it's a Large and I normally take a medium in button downs and other jackets. The chest measurement seems good (20 inches), but the seller admitted he's bad at measuring...
Those are beautiful.
Drop on the jeans and sweater! Last drops before eBay...
Too much steez for one link
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS Incorrect. Rome was supposed to go on for 5 seasons, with well thought-out and spaced shows; at least thats what the creator planned. Instead HBO wanted more sex scenes, less history and told him at the end of filming the first season that they would not renew the show for a third season, so he he had to cram a lot of history into one season, making season 2 a diaster. I actually started watching and...
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