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I now officially feel like the Goldilocks of jeans. The NFxMomos were a bit too big, and now the PBJ XX-011s are too small. Thanks to BiG's absolutely wonderful return policy, I cannot get a refund but store credit. I feel like I would take a 31 (or maybe even a 32) but they are sold out of those sizes for the XX-011s. So, I basically have two options: 1. Get store credit and try the XX-005 in a 31 (from the measurements, they look like a slim/tapered leg but not as...
So, do most Patrik Ervell jackets run large/fit like sacks? I ordered a Railroad Jacket from Gilt in a medium, yet it ended up fitting like a large or slim XL. I've been thinking of getting a Collegiate Jacket at some point for fall, so would I grab a small?
Thanks whodini! Just ordered the last pair of 30s, hopefully they fit well enough at first... I'm not counting on being able to button them all the way to the top, but as long as they don't look like jeggings I think I'll be fine.
So, the NF/Momo jeans didn't work out exactly... Fit nicely in the waist (32s), but pretty baggy in the thigh/everywhere else. I plan on wearing constantly (as in, having one pair of raw indigo jeans in my rotation), so I want them to fit pretty tight so they can stretch out nicely without stretching out too much. Since I like the fading properties of PBJs, I started looking into the XX-011 cut from BiG... but their one-wash is only left in a 34 (too large) and a 30. If I...
So, in Game of Thrones, you know how they all say "Winter is coming blah blah blah"? Well, in Las Vegas a similar saying is "summer is coming". Send me offers!
Quote: Originally Posted by pronxs visvim-esque Japan only, I assume?
Are you outside the US? I ended up calling a Barneys to order mine, not sure if they do international though (phone orders).
Looks like a sample piece to me.
True Religions that actually don't look disgusting? What a surprise. The J Brand jeans I have seen actually don't seem too bad for "premium" denim, but there is better stuff out there for the same price (obviously). On sale, though, their washed pairs don't seem like a bad deal.
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