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I hate to put these up for sale, but I must... These are a pair of Dior's raw black jeans, bought last summer at the Dior Homme store in the Wynn Las Vegas. They were bought as a tag size 33, but I had them altered in the spring of this year at Barneys New York (had the waist taken in, and had the leg slimmed from 19cm to 18cm) so they fit more like a 32 in the top block and a 31 through the leg. I hadn't worn them all summer, so when I took them out to wear again I came...
I bought this MMM Line 10 piece earlier this year (in the spring, maybe April) as a NWT piece with a small defect (there are two small discoloration spots on the upper left side on the back, not really noticeable unless you are looking for them). Otherwise, this is a fantastic single-vented casual blazer that would actually be nice for the fall/winter season as it is slightly oversized (good for layering sweaters underneath). Cool horn buttons and oversized patch pockets...
These are beautiful black zip-up boots from MMM. I just bought these last month for the fall/winter season, but need some cash so up they go. These are in excellent condition, the original owner bought them at the Paris boutique and only wore them four or five times. I have never worn them (except for trying them on). They have an awesome stacked leather sole with slight distressing on both the heel and toe area (see the pics for what I mean) and side zips with a raw...
Here's a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo (mainline!) Chelsea boots. Pretty worn condition, as you can see. There are some scuffs and markings on the boots, so these would be best for casual conditions... which is what I bought them for (just for wearing around campus, etc). The previous owner used shoe trees, leather creme, etc. Nice leather, even if it is creased. PM me if you have any questions/want more pics, etc!
I bought these earlier in the summer (I'm thinking June), but I have enough boots now. Nice sueded exterior, smooth washed leather interior. Some signs of wear on the outer, but not too much. They have a cool cork/wooden sole effect that is beneath a rubber sole (lug sole), so they would be perfect for harsher climates/large amounts of walking. PM me if you have any questions!
Selling my CP IAMs... They are a bit too large for me (I generally wear a 10.5/11 in most shoes, took a chance with these). I bought them from notwithit back in June, and worn a grand total of three times by myself. The condition is used (obviously), but I would give them an 8/10 (maybe 7.5 to be safe); some suede scuffing but I'm sure that can be cleaned. I don't believe CP makes these anymore and I haven't seen many for sale lately (maybe they are getting rare?).
Exactly what the title says... Let me know!
Looking for some gently used/like new BoO shirts, size L (with the back pleat). Thanks!
Letting these go after buying NWT and wearing them four or five times, the 32s were a bit too loose and these were a bit too tight. Measurements: Waist: 16 inches exactly Thigh: 10.5-11 inches measured from the crotch Inseam: 38.5 inches (unhemmed, monstrous Inseam still intact)
I'm looking for some indigo Petite Standards, size 30 or 31. Preferably new, but gently used (very light creasing if any at all, still stiff) would be great as well.
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