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This is a Burberry Prorsum Navy Blazer that is NWT. I have it listed in SW&D, but thought that it would be of interest here as well. This was featured on the runway for the Fall 2009 collection, and is VERY nice. It's a deep midnight navy shade that has a velour trim around the collar. This jacket is a Size 50R (40R), is double vented, and fits very slim. The jacket seems a bit long, so it would look perfect on someone who is tall and slim. It actually fits me perfectly,...
Even more drops!
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter for my kids. its all an elaborate hoax that I am perpetrating on my kids. actually, I feel that kids should be raised with a religious framework so that they can make their own decisions. if I tell my kids that they shouldn't believe, they will be agnostics. if I raise them with some religion, they can make choices when they are older. aside from that, frankly, I enjoy the social framework and the tradition, it...
Added more pics of Diors, added RO jacket.
Moar Drops
If only the BBS was a 50...
Added Dior jeans!
Quote: Originally Posted by tomorrowstars
More drops!
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