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Drop on the jeans, last one or I'll keep.
Me seeing W+H hoodie for spectacular price: Seeing it was under the sold items:
Lowered price to $210!
I just decided to let the old thread die after most of it sold, just selling these for now. This is a pair of 19cm black distressed Dior jeans, size 33. Featuring all-black hardware, these jeans look moto-chic with their distressed thigh and knee areas. Purchased a few months ago, worn less than ten times and then a machine wash/hang dry. These were bought brand new, selling as I have a pair of black raw Diors that I want to wear more often. Made in Italy, and comes with...
Get the Louis Vuitton one. It's cheap, the monogram is classic and timeless. Make sure you go buy it in the morning so you can carry the LV bag around for the rest of the day.
Fair, white skin during any other month besides summer, where I am red/pink/any number of shades between those. Brown hair, brown eyes, Scottish and German ancestry. Generic fo sho.
Love the trench, but absolutely could not justify it as I live in Las Vegas. Oh well, free bump.
Drop on Diors, decided to keep the RO jacket.
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