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Hey guys, looking for some BoO polos that are in good condition (and size Large). Thanks!
This is a bit saddening, as I actually really like this shirt. I bought it NWT last summer, and impulsively took off the tags as I thought I was going to wear it but that day never came. The shirt has all of the details from R&B that you would expect (painted metal buttons, high quality materials, slim fit, etc), and its perfect for the upcoming summer months. Measurements: Shoulders: 19 inches Chest: 20.5 inches
Here's a really unique piece by BoO, from one of their first seasons (guessing by the embroidered logo on the right sleeve). This shirt (or jacket, depending on how you wear it) is made with a really thick oxford cloth, the thickest I've felt on a BoO shirt. The MOP buttons are also awesome, as they are really large and sturdy. There are a couple of pockets on the shirt (one breast pocket, and then another on the right hand side of the front), as well as the signature BoO...
I bought this jacket a couple months ago, and it has sat in my closet since then. Its in fairly good condition, some wear can be seen on the metal hardware, but the cotton is nice and heavy, so it makes for a good coat. The belt details around the wrists are pretty cool too.
I bought this jacket some time ago, and just wore it out yesterday for the first time. Not really my thing, unfortunately, but this jacket is pretty cool. Its a cotton/lycra blend, and has a nice subtle sheen to it. Classic R&B details, with metal buttons and khaki piping along the interior of the jacket. Epaulets give the jacket an informal blazer look, so its pretty easy to wear out. Also, the jacket has functional buttoned cuffs, a pretty cool detail in my...
This was the result of my unfortunate attempt at fitting into a BoO Medium. Worn twice since I bought it, the flannel is luxuriously soft, and will be perfect for the spring. There is some discoloration around the collar (shown in the picture), but it is not very noticeable. Like most BoO shirts, it fits small.
Here is probably my favorite TB shirt from the S/S2011 season, brand new with tags from Barneys. The shirt is a bit small, hence the sale. You know the drill with TB shirts, excellent quality and details going on here. Chest: 20 inches Shoulders: 17.5 inches
A great flannel shirt by the one and only TB. The colors are actually red, gold, and navy (not black, as the pictures may seem to indicate). I wore it exactly one time since buying off of this forum last spring, but I figured out that the TB fit isn't really for myself (unfortunately, as the material of the shirt is awesome, complemented by thick MOP buttons).
Here's a pair of Sharp Notations that I wore somewhat frequently throughout the past couple of months. Really awesome jeans, and the most practical of all the DH waxed jeans IMO. They ended up just being a bit too tight in the top block for me, which sucks as they look pretty awesome with a bunch of wear. The wax on the left back pocket (where I keep my wallet) is wearing off, showing a contrasting indigo underneath. There is a bit of wear on the right thigh seam, as seen...
I'm really loving those Fairisle Vans chukkas at the moment.
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