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Handbags at dawn, gentlemen.
Ultimately, the shoe or boot is a practical thing and at the level of 'country' footwear you cross the line into solid, practical territory. It's one thing to sustain damage to a pair of business shoes in town and quite another to be out walking halway up a mountain in the middle of nowhere. Take a look at the William Lennon website. This is the furthest extreme: boots made for farmers and tug or war enthusiasts! Boots that take some "real hammer" as it says on the...
Quote: Originally Posted by CashmereLover I was waiting for a reply like this. I have done it before with great success. Don't mind a decrease in breathability - I'm convinced that snow, rain and slush absorbed by leather soles would make my feet more wet than the extra sweat that may stay due to the rubber. My cobbler successfully re-soles C&J shoes and he is the best in my little town of half a million citizens, so no worries that he...
Not advisable for two reasons. Firstly, a stick-on rubber sole adds an extra layer to the leather sole which can affect the mechanical properties of the shoes and cause damage. The shoe is also less breathable. Secondly, if you get them repaired by 'Bob the builder' at the key cutters and engravers round the corner, you can't ensure that the work done is of good quality. If they balls it up, your shoes could be ruined. Only a madman would take his EG's to Timpson's.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ich_Dien Don't go with Mulberry. I bought a briefcase by them several years ago and the quality is just terrible for the price. The handles and strap have broken a few times, and I have had to get Mulberry to replace them. They tried to charge me for this each time, and it took a little tirade about quality to stop them. Finally, the lock on it, very similar to yours, just fell off. I can't be bothered with it anymore at...
I don't think their trousers are fully lined. I didn't know they did shoes - I'll have to take a look. It always seemed odd that a traditional men's country outfitter didn't do at least one boot or brogue. Excellent quality, Cordings.
The work of Satan and his imps. Feel free to post your bile here!
Quote: Originally Posted by remo72tg Got these in the mail from Cheany yesterday, What do you make of the quality of the dark brown grain. Comparable to Crockett & Jones, if you are familiar with the make? Cheaney are quite a bit less, but they look pretty good.
It appears that a 'top coat' is coming off, leaving black marks. Top quality zugs. Is this usual? For reference, the black marks have appeared at a) pressure points i.e. where laces press into the tongue, b) flex points in the upper, c) points of high contact i.e. heel counter. With the maker at mo for testing. Bengal - you seems to be one of the most knowledgeable people here. Any thoughts?
Is this dirt, or is the layer of colour wearing off? Top-end zugs.
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