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I don't think their trousers are fully lined. I didn't know they did shoes - I'll have to take a look. It always seemed odd that a traditional men's country outfitter didn't do at least one boot or brogue. Excellent quality, Cordings.
The work of Satan and his imps. Feel free to post your bile here!
Quote: Originally Posted by remo72tg Got these in the mail from Cheany yesterday, What do you make of the quality of the dark brown grain. Comparable to Crockett & Jones, if you are familiar with the make? Cheaney are quite a bit less, but they look pretty good.
It appears that a 'top coat' is coming off, leaving black marks. Top quality zugs. Is this usual? For reference, the black marks have appeared at a) pressure points i.e. where laces press into the tongue, b) flex points in the upper, c) points of high contact i.e. heel counter. With the maker at mo for testing. Bengal - you seems to be one of the most knowledgeable people here. Any thoughts?
Is this dirt, or is the layer of colour wearing off? Top-end zugs.
Quote: Originally Posted by Frigiliana These are the ones i want John Lobb, can't afford them , any ideas What awful looking shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Prince of Paisley Ancient C&J "Trafford" in tan buffalo. Probably really belong in the 'shoes with character' thread. Meant to reply to this post.
Quote: Originally Posted by meister Have a pair of these I picked up but with a more modern - not 70s - toe finish. Consensus is that the leather is buffalo. Those are b****y great! Any idea where can get 'em? Rarity no doubt.
Quote: Originally Posted by clintonf That's something that I completely agree with. I must say though that I had wondered why it was decided to use some of the designs for AS' new handgrade models when there are so many other designs around. But what's out there is out there. I have been told that more designs will be produced in the coming months, so perhaps they will be sufficiently different as to get people to concentrate on how they are made as...
Quote: Originally Posted by hermes man small and light easy to conceal.. Shouldn't this be on the creepy sartorial images page? At least British nutters can't legally buy handguns. Fancy slotting a Welshman in Chester? http://www.metro.co.uk/weird/636209-...strangest-laws
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